You can now trade LEO (and other hive-engine tokens) directly to BTC and ETH

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Hi guys, quick update - you can now exchange your hive-engine tokens directly to ETH and BTC. Let's see how it works.

We're gonna start at - which is an awesome interface for the hive-engine platform. From here you can view all your hive-engine tokens:

Screenshot_20200818 Leo DEX.png

Now click on the send icon to bring the transfer window. Send the tokens to and use the right memo:
Screenshot_20200818 Leo DEX2.png

For ETH use memo: eth eth_wallet_address
For BTC use memo: btc btc_wallet_address
If you want to swap your tokens to Hive, please use empty memo.

In about a minute you should receive the ETH to your wallet and a confirmation transfer:
Screenshot_20200818 cardboard  cardboard PeakD1.png
As you can see, the tokens are traded on hive-engine so this helps to bring liquidity and trading volume to the platform :)

One thing to remember is that the BTC and ETH transfers have their network fees - so it's better to send larger amounts of tokens ($10+) so that the fee will take less part of the total value. If you send too little amount, you will get an auto-refund - you can check it at your at, which can be also used to send tokens.
Screenshot_20200818 cardboard  cardboard PeakD4.png

I suggest swapping to ETH as the transfer fees are lower and it's faster. Just be sure to use wallet/exchange deposit address, not a smart contract (service) address as those require much higher fees and transfer will probably fail.

You can always get help from our support at our discord channel. See you next time!

Awesome! Looks super easy and user friendly. That's what this space needs.

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Could become the HIVE version of Ethereum's Uniswap?

Wowwwww. Love this

Does this work with ANY Hive engine token or just a few?

It will work with any engine, as lost as there's enough liquidity on the HE market :)

Any chance of adding ETH -> HIVE?

Yes, but it's gonna take some time :)