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RE: Latest update on HF24 progress

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Early to mid September sounds like a good release time.

For several reasons, I think it would be great to get some updates from the community perspective on these things - a "what it means/What to expect" kind of thing - especially if it has any impact on the end user layer or experience. The reason I think it is important is that firstly, it creates a lot of discussion and while sometimes messy, I believe this is vital for "buy-in". Secondly, it allows for users who aren't necessarily following all of this to find the information that concerns them through their network here.

Thanks for all your work and these updates :)


As far as impacts on the end-user layer goes, there's been several prior posts that discuss the visible changes of HF24 (and some of the less visible ones), but I suppose it can't hurt to summarize those changes again when we publish the release candidate of hived (hopefully next week). These interim posts are only intended to record problems and low-level design decisions we've made during implementation of HF24 features.

The closer it gets the more apprehension some users will feel and the communication (even repetitive) goes a long way. It doesn't have to be you if course, but it would be nice to get some of the witness views on where it is headed and some "predictions" of outcomes. It is a great opportunity for engagement and the development of interest in Hive from the less technical side.

Last I heard, I think an announcement of that sort was planned using @hiveio account.