Power Down Your Steem Or Be Left Behind

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Hive is more valuable than Steem thus there are no reasons not to power down fully.

On the 20th, I said the Hive's price would be higher than Steem in less than 24h.

Exchanges Doing What Exchanges Do

Exchanges have prevented the Steem price from crashing by disabling their Steem Wallets.

Don't bet against the inevitable.

Firefox_Screenshot_2020-03-23 hive.png

Firefox_Screenshot_2020-03-23 STEEM.png

Justin Sun Tells The World To Buy His Shit Coin!


You have a bugger of a user name to come over to hive though, don't ya?

I should have took the time to create another account before posting. I'll probably do soon.

Possibly a good idea! lol

lol... @steembirds have that problem too ;)

Haha! Blockchain is immutable they said.

Guess we'll have to rebrand ;)

Hope all is well brother !

no you should keep this name haha

Thank you for your worry @teamsteem but I like to make my own decisions. Why is the HIVE wallet also deactivated on the exchanges?

Better than looking at the past with STEEM why not leave it where it is and focus on the future with HIVE?

I'm trying to save people some money. You are free.

Dear @teamsteem, how i can see my wallet on hive? First of all i would like to see they gave me promised same amount of hive of what i have in my Steem wallet, than i can decide what to do.
You can see my latest post to see what is going on...

Use the wallet in peakd.com

Binance has enabled steem deposits. DUMP IT ALL! :D

That version of Binance isn't for U.S. users evidently...

I'm powering everything down on Steemit, however there is nowhere atm to deposit and change it for something else.

Hey Bro! I hope you good ;) Thats exactly what I am doing right now ;p Power Down Mode ;D

Happy to see you on Hive @teamsteem !

Its very difficult to power down and get everything transferred. Do you know a consistent way to send Hive from Steem-Engine to HIve?

I never used Steem-Engine.