Made A Kinda Funny Promotion For Hive Using A.I. Saying It Is The Most Robust Decentralized Blogging Platform

in #hivelast year

I went to Chat GPT to get a script then went and got an A.I. avatar from I have been experimenting with this for just a little while. I thought about hive and trying to promote with it. I tried it out, posted to tik Tok and YouTube. The narration does a short summary of some of the benefits of At the end I add my link from hiveonboard In case someone stumbles across this on the web, internet, cyber space, the information super highway or whatever you could call it... I would like to leave my onboarding link here --

I don't know if many people will end up seeing the video. I hope more people do join Hive here as I believe it is an excellent platform. I like how the vid goes through some features and I do find it kinda funny


This is a great idea!