What Does "Agorapreneurs" Mean and How Can It Help You?

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This is a special moment.This is a time when I am launching something that can help you enormously.

There's a special concept called Agoraism. It has its route in the word agora which in Greek meant a central place where people would meet and exchange.

Think of it like a free market bazaar where people are interacting peacefully, voluntarily, and living their life as they want helping each other.

In this video you get to learn about what that is and how it helps entrepreneurs to achieve the life they want.

The idea is that you live your life as you want without initiating force against others. You don't have to be a slave to anyone.

I like the way that Mark Passeo about a concept like this. He says we do have rules here but we don't have any rulers and we don't have any slaves!

Enjoy this video and I look forward to hearing from you.

Terry Brock
[email protected]