Introducing Hive University - Onboarding and Educating a New Generation of Hive Users

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What is the Hive Blockchain?

I have discovered over the years that I have a knack for teaching people new things in an interesting and easy-to-understand way. I also know a lot of people whom it would benefit to learn how to use the hive blockchain to its fullest potential.

In an effort to hit two birds with one stone, as well as offer something that could benefit many others who are already here, I want to write a series of bite-sized "tutorials" that will educate readers on all the intricate details and functions of the Hive blockchain and the various platforms and Dapps that stem from it.

Each lesson will cover a single concept, explaining it as if I'm speaking to someone who has no experience with decentralized platforms, or even cryptocurrencies in general, as most of those I mention above fit squarely into that category. I'll start them off slow with a simple "Create your account" post, followed by increasingly more complex subjects like posting, rewards, communities, witnesses, delegation, beneficiaries, and more. I'd also like to eventually scale it into a Dapp all its own.

Hive University is not an accredited educational institution, but rather a series of educational tutorials.

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The Lessons:

I plan for each lesson in this series will be roughly a 5 minute read. This means they will have to be incredibly concise and packed with only the most important details. I plan to write up roughly 500 words per topic, and include generous amounts of informative graphics and, hopefully, video content. I may be looking around the chain for a talented video editor that may be interested in collaborating, so if you know someone, send them my way!

I want Hive University to be as accessible and new-user-friendly as possible, and all of the core lessons will be posted here on HIVE. This leaves them free and open for anyone to find. What this doesn't do is create an intuitive way to progress through the "curriculum". Hence the desire for a dedicated website/Dapp for the project. Even in such an evolved form, I intend for the core lessons to remain free for everyone who possesses an interest to learn more about HIVE.

As altruistic as that may sound, things cost money, and I think the most effective and mutually valuable means of making this what I envision leads me to my next topic...

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Sponsored Advertising (Branded as "Scholarships")

How would you like to increase awareness of your project, community, or blog and introduce it to people as they're coming onto the platform for the first time? Once they've created an account, made their first post, and learned a few things about how it all works, they're going to start looking for people and projects to interact with.

I would ideally like as many different sponsors as possible, so that the audience is exposed to a wide array of niches and dapps. This advertisement would take the form of a hyperlinked banner image of your choosing, animated or not, and a 50 or so word description to stay in line with keeping short and sweet. These advertisements will be branded as your entity offering a "scholarship" to everyone for a given lesson. You can view an example of what your ad could potentially look like below.

When each lesson gets posted to Hive, I hope to have a sponsored spot at the bottom that would obviously be a lifetime placement, because I can't go back and edit the post after the first week. The scholarship would also carry over, though, if the lessons are ever reworked into any other form in the future.
I'd only ask $25 in Hive for these lifetime sponsored spots. I believe this is very fair, though I realize that might still be a bit pricey for some.

When Hive University takes on the form of its own website or Dapp, it will open up the possibility of shorter term banner ads, opening up a more affordable option for smaller projects and single bloggers to get the word out to the audience of not only newcomers, but anyone who might use HiveU to learn a little more about the platform they're already on.

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I believe this is the best possible way that I could provide real value to the Hive ecosystem as a whole with the skillset I possess.

Again, this will all be geared toward creating a new generation of crypto-enthusiasts, giving them HIVE as their foundation. Dare I say we may spoil them just a little? I mean, this place is amazing, and there are too many people who don't know about it yet. It has an infinite potential to change lives, but I probably don't have to tell you any of this, do I?

I want to know what the community thinks, and I welcome any and all feedback. Comment below and let me know what you think about this idea, and if you'd like to get involved!

Thanks for reading!

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Awesome stuff, more lessons are always needed with the level of complexity going on here. You should also check out @marketingmonk, his been doing some cool videos on HIVE in his cryptoversity community

Thanks for that mention mate. Really appreciate you.

Hit me up on Telegram @marketingmonk if you want to discuss a collabo. I’ve already developed some material.

Love the idea and have always said we need something like formal to onboard people 😀
Holla if you need any help!

Bro WTF! this long and I wasn't even following you. My bad! I need to get using Hive more for interactions as it's mostly over Discord and Twitter.

I love this concept and knowing how well organised and written your content is, I have no doubt that this will be so helpful to all the new landers.

I'm looking forward to seeing the first post.

Cheers, my brother!

I'm currently writing up the first lesson now!

It will guide people step-by-step in creating their account and publishing their first introduction post so they can start earning right away.

You mentioned something in a comment on one of my curation posts for @hivehustlers about Markdown, and I definitely have a couple smaller lessons that will fit into the main "curriculum" for this, but I also plan to create a "Markdown Masterclass" that will teach people every single little trick I use to make my posts look so good 😄

Thanks for stopping by and following along!

Love it Sir Sweeney! looking forward to all

This is such an awesome initiative!

Hive can be incredibly intimidating to newcomers, especially those that have little to no experience with cryptocurrencies/blockchains in general.

HiveU sounds like it will solve this problem - perhaps you should link up with @roomservice / @hiveonboard and see if newly onboarded Hivians can be funneled through to your educational series.

Keep the #HUSTLE going, bro!

Thanks a lot! I'll definitely have to look into hooking up with hiveonboard to see how we can make this whole thing as easy as possible for everyone.

It's a really good and rewarding job to teach other users. I love learning, so I consider this article important and relevant. Thanks you.

It truly is. I've spent a lot of my 3 and a half years on Steemit/Hive trying my best to educate people on various topics and promote all the cool things we have going on here. This will help me accomplish both in a much more meaningful way.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I've dropped a little something in your Hive Engine wallet ;)

Thank you very much for paying attention to my comment. Good luck to you.

Long way to go to call slmething a university but indeed very promising plans

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oh I agree, and I don't suppose it's meant to be that serious. I probably should add a disclaimer at the bottom stating something like "This is not an accredited educational institution."

I just hope to provide people interested in learning more a nice and simple way to do so. Calling it Hive Courses just doesn't roll off the tongue right :D

I like the name as it gives a structure of what to come.

If you have to obey by the word "University" then you have to indebt people in a way that they become slaves of the system 😛

Hive University all day bro!