There Are Huge Reservoirs Of Hate In The Human Psyche

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And it's surprisingly easy to tap into them, and release all that suppressed hate indiscriminately.

You need only 3 things: data, processing power and money to touch the media surface.

Data is by far the most important. Everything you do (or don't do, to a certain extent) aggregates in a mega-graph of data points that can be used to predict your behavior. Lately, the accuracy of those predictions is better than your own assessment.

Data, in and by itself, is inert. Can't do anything. But with enough processing power, you can train models to identify trends, probabilities, action paths.

And with enough money, you can start nudging the media in the direction of your paths, thus generating a reality that fits your narrative. Surprisingly, of all three, this the cheapest one. Look how easy is to bid on AdWords, and to create 'trends' out of non-facts.

How did we get here?

Well, it's a process. Like all processes, it's improvable. Humans can learn. The first attempt at nudging reality based on data modelling and behavioral tracking, with relevant results, was Cambridge Analytica. It was the testnet.

The first full scale application - planetary, I mean - was Covid 19.

The second one started less than a week ago, and it has the form of war. It's regional for now, but it started in such a way that it's set to evolve into a planetary one. The same "emergency states" and "lockdowns" issued for the pandemic, are prepared now for a new reason: your own physical safety.

The next one after the war (an event which may last probably just as long as the pandemic) will probably be based on some sort of hunger games, supply chain disruption and economical downturns. By then, a large part of what we call humanity will have regressed (psychologically) to full tribal state.

One may argue that the same tech can be used in the other direction. If we can make people fight with each other so easily, we can also make them work together, support each other and live based on compassion, not hate.

After all, there are huge reservoirs of compassion in the human psyche too.

It's true, we can also do that, and at some point it will happen. I wish I can tell you this point is close in time. Alas, I would lie.

Before it gets better, it will get a lot worse.


Thich Nhat Hanh points out that anger is the child of fear. Disease is the ecological equalizer and has ever been the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. This is why the WEF chose it as the activator of hate. I am watching as a massive psychological operation is underway to transfer that hate to Putin and Russia now.

MK Ultra succeeded. It turns out that movies are the premier brainwashing tool possible, because of how our subconscious minds are unable to differentiate between what's on the screen and meatspace, even if our little scrap of consciousness knows. I am not privy to the voluminous covert research availed our overlords from decades (centuries) of oligarchical funding of investigations into how people work, but the onslaught of really crappy movies with very similar elements is telling. Superhero ebin miraculous victories over psychopathic evil overlords and the admixture of the identity politics suite suggests some things about how we work and what has been attained in the hordes entrained by the medium.

Interestingly, once you achieve a certain threshold of penetration into a population, even those that haven't personally seen the indoctrination materials are entrained through their common societal bonds.

As NATO continues to ratchet up the conflict in Europe it will escalate. The open delivery of advanced hardware is now being augmented with specops, and it seems clear to me the WEF is manufacturing WWIII in crude form digestible by it's thralls, who have by and large managed not to grasp that war on humanity began in January 2020 as the terrorist propaganda out of China began recruiting them by activating our evolutionary response to plague. That hatred is now being focused on Russia.

Fortunately we are not simpler creatures that are without rational thought. A significant part of our people remain competent to consider geopolitical machinations and correctly note that the media are little more than psyops whose operations are paid for by their owners, the WEF. A smaller portion of us also see that humanity is on the cusp of the decentralization revolution, and is moving to profit maximally as newly developed means of production become available and eliminate the parasitic depletion of our gains that feeds overlords.

While the war will be hot, the blessings of civilization we will enjoy after our victory will be unprecedented, and since freedom is the source of prosperity and the mandate of the laws of the universe, physics itself urges us across that future finish line.


Thank you for the comment. I agree wholeheartedly with how the opsec is unfolding, re the war with Russia and transferring hate from one event to another, creating new "monsters" while silently absolving the real ones. I also agree with the fact that a small portion is increasingly aware of the manipulation. I call this state: "unhackable". Stay unhackable.

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The word hate iself is a powerful propaganda tool. It positions the speaker as morally superior and spiritually enlightened, it classifies words as equal to physical violence, and it doesn't distinguish between aggression and defense.

Hate is neither aggressive, nor defensive. It's a colorless deterrent, it rejects by reflex. That's why it's so easy to hijack it, and it looks legit no matter on each part of the moral spectrum you position yourself.