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Get Ye'r Ass in Gear.

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No I don't mean spandex (thinking.. although..). I mean get moving. What gets you to keep going at something? For me it's the something else.

In general I have the things I need for the most part. Life might not be easy and I might cost myself more than I should at times. Bare in mind. I have never let my personal faults take from the objective here on the blockchain. To that I have actually put an account for the specific use of growth for opportunity. If Hive rises enough in value I will power down from multiple accounts to support the opportunity account (@huckleberrie).

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I feel like the little red hen. Oh fuk I have gender conflicts. lmao. okay I am over it.

The motivation for myself behind this project was and still is. People working together. Kind of like building a village of people online from all over the world. No other purpose but to build toward change. Using opportunity that presented itself. Set goals and targets of kinds can be set also.

That is once things are going. Until then I have no time frames.

Looking back at myself. I miss that push. someone there to keep an eye on what I am doing. And am I doing what I say. Or at least trying to. Pressuring people might not be a great thing. But people need pressure to do things too.

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I get my own motivation each time I see a possible integration of Hive or it's tokens for daily use. Unfortunately, the structure for these things needs to be built too. Not only that., a support would also need to be built, or a subsidy system. Otherwise starting is too much of a gamble.

I see the use of Hive tokens locally. Not a gamble but a starting position. I see this being assured by building the support structure first. A half decent support start would be 1 Million USD. So the starting goal would be 1.5 Million USD. this would be equal to 4+1. Funding this to a sum of 3 Million HBD from the DHF fund could prove to be beneficial for the blockchain and for any Hive token holders of HBD or HIVE. Probably more so for HIVE Holders.

The 4+1 above. I would class as the generator or expanding base structure. The 1 is a supported/subsidised project. This can range from coffee shop start up to reading material. (I would like the to get a coffee shop going and use the coffee group here on Hive solely).

The backbone of victory is the support available to you. In theory I have all of you.

Is 1.5 Million too much to ask to be trusted with?

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As things go I should never actually come into control over any large sums of finance. Nor should any other individual. Multi-signature would be standard. Alongside a second and third layer of security over funds.

You see this whole thing relies on trust. You have to trust me to build. I have to trust you to take care of what I build. Then governance over what gets done can be done through a decentralized system. However it would remain some kind of title. Organisation foundation I like the sound of. Company group or other.

Maybe we can create a new genre of establishment.

I drown in the ocean of opportunity, that continuously avoids my grip. But I know how to swim a bit. I do that keep swimming that bit I know.

One person has shown trust in me and for that. I must carry on. Regardless of what is achieved. Now it is not myself I fail by not doing but another too. Maybe you might decide to add pressure to that. If so purchase some COLT on the Tribaldex exchange. Currently holding a 1K USD value of 7K needed.

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