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I know it's been WAY too long since I've posted here. For some reason it's really difficult for me to write posts. I very much want to write more, and I've started writing many posts over the past few months, but I end up spending many hours trying to organize and present my thoughts in a clear and understandable way until I inevitably have to stop (because, you know, life happens). Then, when I go back later I don't like what I wrote and scrap the whole thing.

I hate writing, I hate blogging, but when I got on Steem I made a promise to myself to write every day. I've done fairly well at that and by forcing yourself to a commitment and then turning that into a routine breaks a lot of barriers. I also try not to be too critical about what I write, I write what I feel and I express it as I would speak. I do a quick glance over for errors but I leave it at that and wait for a response so I can engage with people who took the time to read it.

Basically, why would someone want to get some HIVE?

I've been talking about this a lot lately and two things I think are important.

  • SMT Release
  • Native Smart Contracts

I see the disaster Gods Unchained has become all from the fact they are on Ethereum. After Gods Unchained did their initial release of first generation cards called Genesis they still had to "activate" these cards as NFT's on the Ethereum blockchain. They said this would take 24-72 hours and would cost over six figures (which they would cover, I'm guessing around $100,000-$150,000).

Shortly after they started they got shutdown by the miners, they were told they were optimizing their transactions too well and putting too many operations in per transaction. The miners said they would no longer process their transactions until they changed how they were doing this. I don't know the final agreement, but I do know it took almost a month to finish the activation and cost a whole lot more (likely more like $500,000).

Combining cards has yet to be released almost a year later, so there is no way to upgrade your cards despite this being promised. There is now finally a way to bulk cards but still very limited and a nightmare to do.

The reason I mention this story is become Hive is an absolute gold mine for games like Gods Unchained and Crypto Kitties, if we implement native smart contracts. The transaction fees is why I am sitting on 32K+ Gods Unchained cards I can't really sell.

What I found interesting, though, is that I would often just skim the article, or sometimes skip it entirely, and go right for the comments.

There is no question the comment section is the most popular section of Reddit by most of the community, it is also where most of the best interactions and meme happen. With Hive we just don't have enough users to make this happen, and most are so focused on rewards only that there is little organic engagement.

Comments are what gets most people to sign up for accounts and be part of a community.


best thing so far for me with buying into gods unchained, is it made me appreciate what we have here, Splinterlands.

You're welcome!


yeah LOL, it was you!

thanks acidyo, :)

With native smart contracts we will really be competing against eth, eos, etc.. we need to differentiate.

None of those have free transactions if I’m correct.

That means that hive is best at tokenizing the smallest kinds of ‘transactions’ on a decentralized way.

Comments are what gets most people to sign up for accounts and be part of a community.

Absolutely. How do you increase spontaneous interaction then? Certainly can't force anyone to comment by choking a rule down their necks. It would defeat the purpose.
Facebook has some kind of badges in Groups, namely "Rising Star", "Visual Storyteller", "Conversation Starter" etc. The system awards these badges to the people who regularly post in the group, initiate discussions.

Maybe something like that can be implemented on hive for comments. NOT for how many comments they have made over a period of time, people will start to spam one-liners—"wow nice thank you" then.
Rather the system can analyze comment threads and replies and re-replies and then associate certain badges besides their usernames, not just on their profiles.

They will keep on interacting for keeping their badges even though they don't have any monetary value and newcomers will see them and will try to attain that social status.

Inducing the feeling of envy is the most successful tool to make any social media grow.

I hear you about GU. I have quite a collection there myself and have been pretty disappointed with what they've done with that project, especially considering the amount of funds they've raised both from the card sales and from investors.

I disagree about wanting native smart contracts on Hive though. How would that be any different than EOS? I agree with what blocktrades said in his post that I linked to that building 2nd layer apps will work much better than a 1st layer smart contract solution, so if Hive is going to go with the app development platform route then that would be the best bet as it's sufficiently differentiated from the tons of native smart contract chains.

Either way though, I still think that getting any level of success for Hive as an app development platform is going to be immensely harder than most people here seem to think. Everyone wants to be on Ethereum, and there are a quickly growing number of Ethereum sidechain solutions popping up every day that offer many of the same advantages as Hive would. For the apps who are ok not using Ethereum, they are looking at platforms like EOS.

As much as I obviously think Hive is the best way to go for app development, if I'm being realistic I don't think we have much chance at competing with those other platforms. I think Hive has a much better chance of success if it picks something more specific and unique where it can be the clear leader.

The best way to accelerate Hive Dapp is more devs need to help each other out with code.

Normally if I ask a specific code question like

"what 5 lines of code do i use for this?"

I get here is a link to the manual, doc, etc..

It would be nice to see people say.
"Here is the 5 lines I use. Would you like me to take 5 mins to look at what you are working on?"

Our team does the later as much as we can.

Too many islands on the dev side.

This is what ETH has over us. They have meetups, Hackathons and a lot of devs sharing code, knowing growth is best.

Wow goods Unchained would kiss Hive with Smart contracts and free transactions :D

Very good info about Gods unchained. I did not know that but am also not surprised. I am a little surprised Hive has not had more people develop over here given the lack of gas fees.

@markymark, Please see my comment below re. this post: (in case you haven't seen it)

"...most are so focused on rewards only that there is little organic engagement."

I am glad to see you understand how financialization of curation deprecates the actual social function free speech effects. Curation rewards destroy curation.

I hope that someday you undertake to support the far greater value of free speech than mere financial aggrandizement. The future, not only of Hive, but of humanity, actually depends on it.

The truth is that if Hive doesn't, something else will. We can, being early adopters of Hive, benefit from Hive's success, or lose that advantage when Hive is no longer the best mechanism for society to undertake free speech when another platform is.

I value free speech but that doesn't mean it is free from consequences. If you want proof, go up to some biker gang and call them fucking assholes. Let me know how it goes.

It is precisely the consequences of free speech that make it fundamentally necessary to a free society. Free speech is the critical mechanism by which society interacts. No tool is more necessary to society after food, air, water, shelter, and means of security.

Deprecating free speech to a subsidiary position to finance is irrational. It is through our interactions that we transact, and absent free speech, there is no mechanism for financial interaction to be robust and functional.

I know this is difficult for you to understand, but downvotes do not limit free speech.

Not sure why you always try to lecture me about free speech either.

We disagree as to the definition of censorship. I use the established dictionary definition that has long been accepted, and you refuse to agree it is correct.

Characterizing my comments as lectures indicates you prefer to ignore the meaning of my words, which is your prerogative. I continue to engage you despite this, because I know that eventually misunderstanding that generates flawed actions produces harm, and I believe you intend with all your heart to benefit Hive, not harm it.

I thus believe that someday we will agree on the definition of censorship.

@themarkymark performs a valuable service to Hive by that very mechanism of downvoting you disparage. Spam, scams, and plagiarism (a form of scamming) are intolerable absent robust mechanisms to discourage them.

I have frequently and forthrightly discussed with @themarkymark my disagreement with vote selling, censorship, and much else, and despite my incessant and vociferous disagreement with him have not been flagged once to my recollection.

My experience suggests @themarkymark does not flag except in support of free speech by preventing abuse of Hive for profit by spammers and scammers.

Please do not respond to my comments or posts in the future with automated messages. I believe Hive is a vector for social interactions, which bots degrade.


This is an automated bot, it is minimalpris's many alts. he is the one behind upvotebank who has access to and abusing over 500 posting authorties.

Thank you for your hard work, by which you have gained the knowledge you share here.