Trending Page: Hive vs Steem

in #hive3 months ago (edited)

That non-downvoting mantra seems to be going great!

It's not even been 2 months and Steem trending has already turned worse than ever before in existence...

Boy oh boy am I glad that we've got more than enough stakeholders downvoting shit like that! 😂

If you're here on Hive, you've made the correct decision!

With this said: Have a great weekend


PS: You know what makes this even more disturbing? In german language, the word "Huaren" looks very similar to the word "Huren", also meaning: "whores"...



OK we get it, HIVE is so much better! I doubt anybody cares about the difference between the dynamic layouts! Posts like this just make HIVE look desperate and pathetic! lolz!

The difference in comments (engagement) is crae

4 is a good number of comments to get. For the most engaging posts, not exactly.

exactly! I wanted to make apost just about this. Steemit seems to be pretty much dead...

There will come a day when only justin will post there hahah

Steemy people


Pet peeve

there are tens of thousands of "trending pages" actually trending is just an algorithm so there are tens of thousands of topic pages which you can choose to sort with the trending algorithm... what we're seeing here is the page of every topic (tag) aka all posts sorted by the trending algorithm.

in any case i visit there from time to time to see how that particular page is doing... it's not very nice these days. Also makes me realize we really should add language into hivemind so that interfaces can help users filter by language as well.

Slowly but steadily only Chinese and Koreans will understand what these posts are all about...with all due respect to both nations.

Oh my gosh, "where are the users?", should reply on Hive 😂

Maybe, just maybe the chain is now exclusive for the Chinese. Hehe, glad I’ve left there.

Just like @foxon stated...The difference in comments is amazing too. Lots of work to do here to improve engagement but wow...That's an eye opener.

Is it worse now or when u and your buddies had bid bots that caused trending page to be complete shit?

움짤이 기가 막히게 어울려요 ㅋㅋ

I've noticed Steem's trending has increasingly become more Korean. It varies at different parts of the day, but many times it is 80-90% Korean.

I actually wondered if this might be a future problem for Hive as well. If more users from non-english speaking countries join, could we have a langauge incompatibility problem? Does it make sense to have a general rule to only post non-enlgish posts in communities?

Schön dass mit Hive eine tolle Alternative zu Steem geschaffen wurde, ein User sollte meiner Meinung nach maximal 1x gleichzeitig auf der Trending Seite zu sehen sein. Nicht mit mehreren Artikeln gleichzeitig, sonst sieht das unglaubwürdig aus.

Good that there is Hive as an alternative Platform to Steem, in my opinion one user should only be shown on trending once at a time with one article otherwise this looks scammy.

Hahaha, am I the only one who had a good laugh on this post? lol. We just share the same feelings seeing this 'versus' and it brings an evil smile on my face 😄

Love the last dance meme.

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