Call To Action: What Is Your Favorite Hive App?

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Recently MarketSquare (Ark, a giant blockchain community) partnered with the Hive community and they did an amazing video highlighting Hive here:

MarketSquare just put out a tweet asking the Hive community which projects they like best on Hive.

Call to action for today is to go here:

And leave a comment letting Ark know which is your favorite project or projects build on Hive. Also, feel free to mention a community (if they have their own site, like leofinance for example) as I feel those are sorta "app like" and are unique to Hive.

For reference:

If you have written a post about a project you like, dig it up and put it in your tweet.

Post a comment with a link of your comment below to be eligible for an upvote.

As a community, partnerships are very important to the growth of our ecosystem. We want to show up and spread awareness to anyone that is interested in web 3 & the capabilities of Hive. Let's jump on every chance to show the world how badass this community really is!


The NGO I mentioned is @fundacja there's also @krolestwo

I left them a comment

That's awesome! Here is mine..   =]

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.28.49 AM.png

I've done a lot of reviews of Hive dapps. In this link, I shared a review of my Splinterlands experience.

These are my favorite #HIVE dapps:

Thanks for drawing my attention to this.


My contribution.

I love dapplr <3. Good initiative.

Did it!

I replied to MarketSquare tweet. I tweet a lot of Hive stuff to my 2k followers. Yes, we gotta show how badass we are!

I mentioned both @splinterlands and the new #FarmFarmer game. :)

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Right now it's
Rabona. 😄
Sorry but I couldn't care less about Twitter. I have an account but I don't use it. It's only gathering dust.