Hive Video Desktop IPFS dApp Release

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Greetings Hivers!

We would like to soft release the desktop app for testing to the public. Please join the Speak discord - dApp pinned to the top of general, download the app and give it a try.


This is phase one of the Speak Network. This dApp allows anyone to spin up their IPFS node with ease one click. You can download other videos to your IPFS node with one click, and others can backup your videos the same way. Image support will be coming soon.

Guide to using the dApp.

There will be some minor bugs as we tweak this out, mainly making sure the IPFS hashes get inserted into the Hive blockchain, so you may see a few videos not added here and there; a fix is coming soon.

We want to work with you! We are building this dApp and incentive layer 100% for the Hive community. We want this to be a community project, so please feel free to join in if you have any ideas or feedback.

Big shout out to @vaultec & @sisygoboom & @gotgame for helping build this open-source desktop app & @good-karma for helping with some minor fixes.


We need that man, that's amazing.

Thanks a lot for the update. I like 3Speak.... I have permanently replaced Youtube with 3Speak

on my way to see will this work with my not so great internet.


nah i will not be using it until there is an install this app with clicking on an icon. this is a version for the tech people :D

There is compiled binaries available here. No need to install from source code. If I am understanding you correctly. Ideally yes we do want tech people in the event we have to do debug for fixing bugs or other issues, but IMO everyone should give it a try. Best to test against the average user.

i think that was what i was looking for. thanks

Yes this is a soft release where you download from the GitHub. We need technical testers at this time to find bugs.

Ohh right on I am going to download this instant.

Ohh right on I am going to download this instant.

Okay, @theycallmedan. I'm excited about this new step for 3Speak. I think this is the right step in the evolution of the project towards definitive success. I'm going to download the desktop app to see how it works. Maybe use Lbry's app as benchmarking.

I guess the application will work on MAC OS.

can anyone confirm that it's available for MAC OS?

Nice! I’m going to download the app and give it a try asap. Thank you for the update and all of the hard work! These are the sorts of projects that this blockchain needs.

Looks interesting, but I tried to download it and it doesnt want to run (using Ubuntu here). I think I will have to wait for a more stable build! Cool anyways 😎

Awesome, gona spin up my disks for a try.

This is totally awesome! I'm ready to test it and see how it goes! Let's keep growing! Thank you so much for this developments that will make that @threespeak go to the moon and hive with it!

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Is this the reason for threespeak telling the Hiveblock that i released some videos 5 hours ago (which i have not!)that been online already??


Amazing work, I can't wait to test it and see the upcoming features and incentives roll out.

Will the app support image hosting, other than just thumbnails for videos? This is a major issue for Hive, as I haven't read about any proper image storing so far. AWS is still the way to go for apps and it would be amazing if the new incentive layer would support image hosting for dApps/posts as well. Imagine if Amazon would kill their support for all Hive apps. We would be back to text only and who would want to read posts like that?

Yes we plan to add all images not just thumbnails. NFTs are the goal.

Very cool, I'll hop in.

This is an amazing step forwards for 3speak, Hive and free speech :)
Installed, pinned a few videos and can't wait till the incentive layer is live for this to really blow up. Well done to everyone involved

Crushing it!

Awesome stuff guys, I can't wait to try it out. One of the coolest projects I've ever seen, looking forward to building on it for years to come!

Great... Congrats and Keep it up.

I sent you a DM on beechat, do check it on peakd. :)

This is the future we are looking at right here. Bravo

Resteem. Thanks a lot for the update

This is really amazing

OMFG! I cant wait to get home and get this installed!

Wow. Excellent!