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My old assistant moved on to pursue a personal project & I have been looking for a replacement. I need a part-time, Hive only assistant to help me run my operations here more smoothly.

The main job task will be answering emails, organizing initiatives, partial curation of initiatives, handling communication with team/group leaders of various Hive related projects & setting up meetings, etc. It is basically busywork that will allow me to focus more time on being on the cutting edge for Hive instead of being slowed down with work I can delegate to someone else.

You will be working closely with me on a semi-daily basis to help me run my operations on Hive. I prefer someone with skin in the game (it's all relative to your situation) because I want someone working for me that loves Hive and wants it to succeed both from a selfish financial & personal belief point of view.

Must speak English, be able to communicate well & have a positive go-getter attitude. I move very fast and need someone who can keep up.

If interested please email me at [email protected]

Keep your emails short to a few paragraphs max, put in any relative information, your main resume for me will be your past Hive actions. IE your engagement, will others vouch for your integrity, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested. This is needed for me to take my game to the level it needs to be on a consistent basis.

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I sent you an email but it was rejected.


I'm sure you can fit very well on that position as you are highly motivated Hive boy. We support your application @eddiespino 💪.

Thank you very much @alebrijes! There is a lot to do in the Hive Commuity and I willing to do my best to contribute.

I support your application. You have the tools you need to do it right!

@Theycallmedan, if you ever have the need for a Transcriber in the near future for the video content you produce, don't hesitate to reach out. I have over 5 years experience and accents are a breeze.

All the best finding an assistant.

Dan, think about hiring a transcriber like @deniskj

there are a lot of people like me that take in the information better by reading, instead of watching vid

I appreciate the recommendation, Steve. 👍

Wow, a real job posting on the Hive blockchain.
I patiently await the day we actually have a dapp for this and enough demand to justify it.

lets see how @hiverr is doing in the future

At your service.🙏

I would love to apply but it seems that the email couldn't be delivered at the address.

I think you will be able to handle this position! @flaxz

Thanks for the vote of confidence, right now I am trying to delegate more of the work I do on my own Hive projects to have enough time to actually engage with the community, which is a bit lagging parts of the week due to too many daily tasks on myself, stay awesome.


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Hello @jongolson, this is something you'd like doing, you're active and you have skin in the game, Dan here needs an assistant and well since you're all about hive's success. Cheers.

Even you, you are fit for this.

thanks for the shout out man. yeah would love to help Dan out. Would be honored and privileged. I’m just in the middle of moving my family across the continent right now. But think it’s an awesome opportunity for sure.

@jongolson it is time for you to help us as one of the Hivers community..we support you brother you have potential to be part of this job..

Wish you luck

Since I couldn't get your email (even from Proton), I'll apply online, so to speak ;>


[email protected]

(upvoted for visibility)

Dan,I will mail you in the morning. @traciyork called me over

Yes I did, and I know a bunch of people who will vouch for your wicked awesomesauceness for this position, @fionasfavourites!

You are too kind, @traci

I second that @fionasfavourites @traciyork

Fiona is a reliable, professional and an honest person - you'll be in good hands with her Dan.

Sending you good juju for the application Fiona

Appreciate the shout out @nickyhavey.

Had some internet challenges yesterday thanks to rain and snow (yes, in Africa...), but eventually my email went... Let's see. I am sure Dan's inundated 😊

Snow? I didn't think you had that over there!

Will keep my fingers crossed for you with the application!


Thank you. And proof!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow... ❄

Yo, Dan, tried to write you & got this:

“Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

[email protected]:
554: 5.7.1 [email protected]: Recipient address rejected: Address does not exist”

What to do?

I'd like to apply. I can help hunt mice, push things off your desk, and sit on your keyboard when you are trying to work.

Do you have Tuna?

I pray that you will have a capable assistant soon by your side! Upvoted!

@abh12345 this is for you ;-)

Thanks for thinking of me :D

I think I will be going back to work soon and perhaps the timezone difference will be an issue, and the English level :)

Must speak English.

Asher might be excluded based on this....

Ops right... he got a strange British accent ;-)

... but Better than my swiss-mannequin-english :-)

Here we can learn something:

@aamirijaz you are fit for this position :D

Why not yourself? ;-)

I can't think of a better person than you, Amir. I hope you signup for the job.

That's why i Recommend Amir :P

You always help us, We are ready to help you always sir

@zayidsakib - this is for you bro.

I want you to find the right person who's in line with what you represent here. It's a big move that will mark a turning point, convinced that it will be positive.

Check this out, @darkfemme.

@zoneboy please come and apply

I have someone who meets those characteristics. This is for you @lunaticpandora

@theycallmedan I definitely recommend you to check @iliyan90 ! This guy is inloved in HIVE and he is trying to build a bulgarian community here.


by the way protonmail ;) good choice

Hello Dan, if your assistant role is a remote one. I will be a good option. Sending in my mail.

@theycallmedan the sent email was rejected. Please kindly recheck the email address. Thanks

Good luck to all potential runners. An exciting role indeed for one deemed fit for the role.

Hello dear friend @theycallmedan Good evening

Undoubtedly you will find the right person to accompany you with all your projects.
I would love to join you in this great challenge, but I only speak Spanish. Successes dear friend

I wish you a beautiful night

How I wish. But I do not have a laptop for this much. I've been managing my small phone for all my posts. Sad

@udezee I think you are very fit for this,you can do it!

You can send me your passwords =P

Address not found. I sent you application mail. I think [email protected] didn't exist

well, i caN SHOOT my shot.... *preparing my resume

That a good thing to hear about you bro..wish you luck..

@jongolson I think you will fit well here.
You are perfect for this

How many hours a week are you expecting the assistant to work?

Love seeing jobs being offered on the hive blockchain. That is awesome. Good luck to whoever you choose.

@Uyobong check this out

If you ever need an assistant for supplying you non stop high octane action or advice on how to conquer the power of wet dreams, I'm you're guy.

But, otherwise, perhaps someone like @hitmeasap could be your work slave, he likes that kind of stuff. Fucking nerd.

That was great to hear sir, even you lost an assistant but the opportunity of other Hivers to be your assistant is the best thing of it..thanks for always working hard to all Hivers.

More Power and God Bless!

i have a girl in philipens who used to work for me as assistant. i can share info unless she has a job now

I love to apply with immediate effect. I'm on it right away.

Good luck in finding a great assistant! Creating on Hive and keeping track with everything is challenging. And making more time, which after all is the most important resource we can't get more of, is worth doing it.

This looks like a great place to find people willing to work.

Gracias por la iniciativa, espero que la persona que sea tu asistente amigo, sea de lo más idoneo a tu ritmo y alguien que tenga todas las ganas de vivir por esta plataforma. Saludos

There is something about this post that made me rethink about it and return. The word integrity clicked with me and the fact that it is somehow a challenge. I always loved a good challenge and although I am new on this platform, I always believe it is good for the spirit to try to take part in something and compete. No matter if it is a win or a loss,the experience to put yourself out there and try anyhow is already a win for me.

As it seems there are issues with the e-mail, I will write my paragraphs here. Short and simple.

I love to write and to read. I am very disciplined and I value delivering things on time. I like a continuous challenge and learning new things. I can accept criticism and improve and I can also give constructive criticism in return. I am not afraid to speak my mind and I am not afraid of failure. I am not crypto savy, but I can learn. I value loyalty and respect above money and status. That's kinda it.

I am sure your future assistant will be awesome, no matter who he/she will be. I'll leave my e-mail adress just in case, [email protected], as there is no point in sending the same thing I wrote here twice on your e-mail. Have a good day and good luck with all your future endeavours! Hive is indeed the coolest place for creatives!

Ugh..... its times like these i hate my body. Imma tweet it out for you. To its ok. It wobt be like this forever. I promise that. But too bad I wasnt better Dan. I would in a heart beat. Just I cant do the things I once did on a consistent basis. But. Not to worry. Im sure you'll find someone quickly.

Maybe there has some problem in sending the email.. Please solve it first

@ranchorelaxo downvoting the post when the rewards are 100% burned. Genius.

That's nice. Let's see if luck will smile on me.

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Nice to be able to delegate some of the work, and in so doing giving an income to somebody who needs it!!

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