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RE: Introducing Wrapped Hive - Hive on Ethereum!

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This is a great first step. Can't wait for the second part of this to make it fully decentralized which I know you & @bobinson are working on. Great work and I will be playing around with what is currently built this week!


Hope the news of these developments gets out quick. Doesn’t look good having steem beating us in price. This competition is personal.

Always has been.

!Atomic Swaps!

CONsider @frankbacon Quote.png

Their modus operandi is like always: market manipulation and shilling. It seems like they are trying to pump price before announcing steem-tron "integration", and then.... well
millions of ninja-mined STEEM powered down and transferred to exchanges already.

If you ask me, they were better off pumping the price then selling the company that held their tokens instead of what they are doing now.

Also, they constantly run campaigns to increase activity. It looks like they are after higher metrics instead of trying to organically and genuinely grow their network.