Winners of the "celebrate Hive's bday with a post" giveaway!

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Winners of Celebrate Hive's birthday with a post blog thumbnail.jpg

I'd planned to do my own Happy first birthday, Hive! post at the same time I did the winner's announcement, but there just haven't been enough hours in the day, especially this past week. So instead I'm going to go ahead and give away some Hive!

First, before I get started, another quick shout out to @doze for creating that cool image of the balloons hoisting the Hive logo (presumably to the moon) that I used in the thumbnail graphic (taken from his 1st Hive Birthday post). Thank you for adding so much beauty to the blockchain, @doze!

Now, for the...


As I said in the original giveaway post, I had a few ideas on how I want to break down the prizes, but wanted to wait first to see how many people entered. Thanks to the continuing generosity of @theycallmedan (with the always amazeballs assistance of @eddiespino) the total prize pool amount was 400 Hive.

However, after checking out the entries & doing a bit of math (another giveaway I had planned is being postponed for a month or two), I figured out that instead of doing just a few big prizes, I could (again thanks to Dan) give everyone who entered a prize.

In total, there were 22 winners (aka people who wrote posts & shared them to Twitter as a reply to the official Hive account's bonus challenge tweet with the tags #Hive & #HiveBDay) and 5 honorable mentions (shared links to posts, but didn't use the tags and/or didn't enter before the deadline). So I'll be sending 25 Hive each to the winners, and 5 Hive each to the honorable mentions (for a total of 580 Hive), right after I hit, "Publish" on this post. 😊

The winners of 25 Hive each are:























The honorable mentions, who get 5 Hive each are:






Oh, and while he didn't enter this giveaway, I'm also sending @doze an honorary honorable mention prize of 5 Hive for all the amazing graphics he continues to create & share with our blockchain community!

EDITED TO ADD: It took me a minute or do, but I've now sent all the prizes...

Wallet transactions for Hive Bday giveaway.jpg


Congratulations everyone, and again...

Last thing before I go - as I also mentioned in the giveaway post, @enginewitty was also giving out prizes for Hive birthday posts & he posted his winners list earlier today - #hiveyearone Winners!

Congratulations to everyone on his list, and thanks again for adding extra coolness to the Hive birthday fun, dear Witty! 🤗

Here's to another awesome year ahead!


Image Credits: blog thumbnail created on Canva; Hive & balloons graphic created by @doze. GIFs created using both Giphy and ezGIF.


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Speaking of witch which...



thank you so much @bhattg

Me too! Thank you and congrats to you, too...

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Thanks @bhattg!
for the mention and congratulations 🚀

Congrats to you too buddy, thank you:)

Thank you

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Happy birthday, sorry I didn't know about this.

Gracias!!! Un honor haber participado en esta iniciativa.

Un abrazo

Wow, I wasn't aware of this, but still had created a blog for Hive Birthday 🙂.

Thanks for sweet Hive @traciyork.

Good day to you and others 🙂

Wow! Thanks so much, Traci! You're awesome. :) Thanks for all you do to help boost the community!

Wowy thank you so soooo much to you @traciyork and the sponsors, so much Hive being shared! I really feel honoured to stand on the winners podium with all these awesome Hiveans ;)

United we stand and grow...

oh cool thx, HIVE FTW :)

Hello @traciyork,

Last night, in the middle of sleep, I saw the tweet but continued to sleep. This morning I woke up and checking Discord I got the notification of a transfer from you for 25 Hive, I didn't understand very well, so I half remembered seeing something on Twitter, I went to Twitter, half saw it and came here to thank you, I don't know if it was your decision or it was just random but I thank you for even taking into account my publication for your list.

Congratulations to all the other winners.
Happy day.

Thanks Traci!
Great initiative as always :)

Thank you, on to the next b-day 😃

It was a great experience to participate, let's keep it up family :D

Wow I could not believe what my user was indicating!!
A mention by @traciyork and it is this pleasant surprise of honorable mention for my participation in 1st Hive Birthday with the tags #Hive & #HiveBDay.
Special thanks to @theycallmedam for their contribution and motivation.💖
Infinitely grateful With you @traciyork 💝
We keep celebrating!

Congratulations to the winners.

Second year of Hive is super important

Thank you so much @traciyork super excited to be among the winners.

Thank you very much. Congratulations to all who participated.

I will use the Hive to participate in the Power Up tomorrow.

This collage was made with love for Hive, so grateful to be among the winners.

My Gift to HIVE.png

Thank you! Cheers to another wonderful year!

Muchas gracias @traciyork De verdad que la mención me hizo emocionar, no sabía que había quedado entre los ganadores. Te agradezco mucho y feliz con el premio.

Gracias una vez mas ❤️