hive go to moon

in #hivelast year

Just like my friend said, try to hold a lot of hive to be stronger. then every day i buy 20$ 30$ 10$ hive with the price around 0.5 0.6 hehe and today when i woke up with the habit of checking my phone i saw it went up 1.5 usd i rushed to sell 729 hive immediately. Hehe but I'll definitely wait for hive to come back and buy more coins hehe. I will spend a small part of 20 hive for my friend @xuanphuc98


Cool ... lets hope it gets back 0.90 or 0.80s :)) and then we can buy back all :)) And year end we going to see 3 or 4 Dollar one HIVE

exactly i will buy 1 bit back at 0.8 if and keep waiting if down to 0.7 i can have more hive

True ;)

hive already hit 3.4 before year end

haha its good you trade too. But it will be more good to wait for hive for at least 5$.

haha 5 usd . i can't because i have to change from vnd to usdt then buy hive

Hmm by the way its not impossible to go to 5$. as we seem steem 3 year back at 10$

If you held hive till now, you would have more profit, em. Anyway, we are all Hive supporters ;)