My Re-Introduction To Hive and Communities

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For those that do not know this, I had introduced myself to the Steem/Hive blockchain not long before the hard-fork happened.
Although my account on steam had been around for a year at this time, I hardly used it.
A few times I had posted a few of my articles here and never saw the benefit. Then with the help of a friend @aagabriel, I was re-introduced to the benefits of a DPOS blockchain and writing on steem.

Loggin in for the first time in almost 8 months I saw a small number of people following my account. No, I'm not here for followers, I just see the benefit in sharing information with the communities here.

I was delegated some SP and was able to post a few more articles of mine and it seemed with the upvotes, some liked the content. At that moment of clarity, The airdrop on hive and the hard-fork was final. So I decided to utilize the hive blockchain and start moving my stake to Hive using blocktrades, which in turn has came to a halt due to blocktrades removing steem all together.

As I have a lot of coding experience, I started to learn a little bit about steemjs and the like. I coded a Bid Bot on steem for my own learning purpose and forked it to Hive. I announced my experience and my intent to use it (bad idea) on hive as I planned on getting my hands on some more Hive and powering up some voting power.

At that moment, not knowing the problematic issues behind bid bots, I started receiving downvotes from some whales on Hive. It killed my reputation and resulted in my account getting blacklisted.
I can disagree with the downvotes all I want, but it was entirely a learning curve.

Now I can say the struggle is real. I have little followers and missing upvote opportunity on my posts.

If you like content driven by investigation including, Anarchy, #InformationWar or investigative journalism crying out against tyrannical governments, I encourage a follow.

I have concluded I will not join the development community here, But I will continue writing here.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this. I hope I can relate to and share your content and likewise.


I suggest you use steem-engine to move your steem to hive. I was able to do this. I was only charged 1% deposit and 1%withdrawal fee. @edicted has been helping people convert their holdings.

I really want to thank you for giving me the information i needed to transfer my assets. I just completed my first conversion. As i power down i will be doing more.

Glad to have helped. It feels good. I just hope that we can keep building value here on Hive!

really. thank you very much!

I would like to discuss Hive code with you. For reasons you will probably agree with, I would like to do that on another platform. I can be reached (reluctantly) on Discord under the same name, but would prefer a different venue.

Please provide a means of contact if you would like to talk off Hive.

I'm on discord also I'll add ya


At the moment I'm just trying to pump out and publish all the amassed research and half-completed investigations I've done. It's getting ridiculous and really weighs down on me, especially with IRL work cranking it up to another gear.

I'll start upvoting where I can with the @informationwar curation account again but fuck man, it's sooooo busy for me right now.

Hope y'all well.

Just keep safe man. I appreciate you

welcome to the information war! :)