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RE: What do we want from content?

in #hive2 years ago

I know what you are saying but... don't get me wrong but this post being rewarded over 119 HTU for asking what the content in our platform should be yet there are authors that actually make quality content like cooking recipes, reviews of different stuff (movies, books), different crafts diy style, makeup tutorials and stuff regular normal content not related to crypto talk or even Hive talk and i dont see those posts having at least the half of the rewards a post like yours makes so.... i think the issue is mostly what the bigger whales of our ocean like to autovote on...

i do curation for minnowsupport and focus on as you know small minnows so i see quality content a lot but our votes aren as big as some of the votes you have received in this post, and i dont think is wrong you get them cause you do a lot of work for the chain but.... is kind of the thing u are complaning about in this post.


This is another aspect that I’ve pointed out - as the rewards pool is for valuable contributions to the ecosystem and there are many people doing a lot of things to contribute that have nothing to do with content. Many times only way they can get compensation for these contributions is to make a post (like this one) and the stakeholders who actually know of their contributions then reward it.

This is an issue on a “content” platform, as most users just see a post that doesn’t look like much with high rewards. Imo there are UI ways we can fix this somehow, and solve this issue. As many of the posts people tend to complain about and claim some sort of inner circle unfairness are actually stakeholders trying to reward people for behind the scenes contributions- and I wish there was a better way to do that.

I mean, we could all stop contributing and users could just still be posting on Steem and complain about rewards there.. but the goal is to actually build something better. This means we have no centralized company paying employees to do it, the community is doing it.. and we have to find some way to manage that.

I will have to say that if your only take away from my post is that I’m somehow complaining about rewards and therefore my rewards make no sense, you have missed the point entirely.

I know of the good content here, and it’s lack of rewards.. that was sort of the point of the post. What I’m doing here is trying to start a discussion with the community on how to improve that, and line up incentives with what adds value to the ecosystem. I’m not complaining about rewards.. and I mean, I think the 40+ comments seem to point to the fact that I at least drew an audience with it... so is there value in that? Or only recipe posts?

As I said in another comment - quality is subjective.. and there is rubbish all over the internet that brings in millions of views. Their ability to draw a crowd is valuable, if even the content itself is not “quality” in your opinion.

So imo I would like to see focus on what draws users in, as well as making that amazing content we have easier to find so it is better reward.. and that’s the point of this post.