It was good to chat with you today in The Terminal. Consider what I mentioned about adding the software/apps. Even though the ending art may be created by AI. It still takes the thought, as well as actions, by we humans to create. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will try to chat with you again soon!

Ha sido un placer charlar contigo hoy en La Terminal. Considera lo que mencioné sobre añadir el software/apps. Aunque el arte final puede ser creado por la IA. Todavía se necesita el pensamiento, así como las acciones, por nosotros los seres humanos para crear. Espero que tengas un buen fin de semana. Intentaré volver a charlar con vosotros pronto.


That's right, to create with AI you need the right words, thanks for stopping by and leaving me your valuable advice, you are an incredible friend 🥰

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