Hive Is Booming... And It Deserves More Attention

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Hive is one of the best blockchains around. Hands down.

NFT Showroom is great... you can actually buy a piece for what it is listed for. You don't have to pay hundreds in gas fees.

You don't have to stake to be able to use the blockchain like Wax.

You can see everything that happens on the blockchain easily... unlike many that are turning centralized.

Hive is a great blockchain and I am glad it is finally getting some attention.

I first got into crypto blogging about it on Steemit, and then moved to Hive.

I love it here. I post on Hive.Blog and on SplinterTalk. I game with Splinterlands and Rising Star. There is so much to do here, and it is a great eco-system.

With more attention, it could really explode.

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 7.30.34 PM.png

Well... more than it already has.

And I'm very excited.


Its amazing thats its rising so fast, i got lucky and sold a bunch of dec for hive be4 it pumped, bought 2 land, and buying more SPT now also !PIZZA

That was a great move. I sold a bunch of packs before the big run for Hive too, but not quite enough to buy more land. lol. It is good to see.


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Thanks for all the insights you've been giving on a regular basis, Made my process of learning faster.

Awesome YT content you had with GameBoy today.

Yes bud, HIVE is great and soon to be the next BNB! FUTURE IS BIG!