The idea making this tokens transferable was recently discussed here if interested:

Doesn't look like we'll see such a feature reading the ticket.

Delegation aren't provided yet - even with 0 HIVE POWER there is a pool of ressource credits which will make sure blockchain transactions can be done on a basic level. Do you see any downsides not providing initial delegations?

Do you see any downsides not providing initial delegations?

It severely limits the accounts. You could point users to for free delegations for now until you can get your own delegation system setup.


Really good idea -> Will do!

I understand that you may be using the delegated Hive power to give supportive initial upvotes, but I'd recommend also using it to supply small initial delegations of 5-10 HP. Until resource credits can be delegated independently, it makes sense to use your supporter delegations fully, and not let the HP go to waste. It could provide a much smoother first couple weeks for new users.

RC delegations should allow for that.

PR already merged and deployed. Thanks for contributing :)

dApp view still needs some more work from my side for better representing those awesome dApps out there.

The whole idea of tickets is stupid. If we're trying to get as many people on board as possible, even ensuring that it's free and easy, why limit signups at all?

I'm sure that looks great to outsiders. "Hey, we want you to join, but we're having trouble generating and transferring enough of the right kind of tickets within our code. Come back later for our FREE signup!"