Forcing the setting is an option too, but in this draft we decided against it. Removing the json_metadata usually leads to a lost in support from the referrer (HP delegation for example).

So there is an incentive to keep it for starters.

From my point of view - HIVE should honor freedom over anything else.

Hivemind support would be great, I agree!

For now everyone could also use my public API for referral information.

You only see this from a hivers perspective. No newbie cares a lot about HP etc. The successful bloggers are the ones you really want to have under you, as they pay for your time and engagement for all inactive or low referrals. And the successful ones are the first to opt out of a free system. Leaving marketers with only 'junk'.

Yep, every Jedi padawan remembers his Jedi master after his training is completed. There is a deep connection. Sometimes human beings don't only make decisions on pure monetary facts.

Have faith in dApp devs - I'am pretty sure they will bring awesome stuff to create this connection.

the ones that would remove it ... are the successful ones !the ones worth referring.

i think it should just be made simple .

tie to account creation token 5% beneficiary for 3 months . chain level.

provider than can charge % of the 5 % for token listing and divide that with referrer. this doesn't have to be chain level.

Maybe the system isn't perfect - but it's a system which can implemented very quickly on HIVE frontends.

The crypto market moves very fast - so we have to adept or we will end up like Steemit Inc.

We can make experiences and use them to craft a perfect solution into the chain later.

i like it if nothing else it's good to track how successful a campaign can be. i will try something in coming days. but that's just me messing about:P

has any front end implemented it yet? is already fully supporting it - including an API where you or dApps can pull data from:

I'll cover all those features, implemented yet on the @hiveonboard blog in a later post.

Other dApps will follow (eventually) - but someone has to have move first.

would be interesting if the tipping works to onboard new users with @lightproject

lol you mean with hivetips ? :)

Yep lol hive tips if they put a reff on the reply :p

Good idea, but a time limit is kinda bad too. Who will be super successful in 3 months?

i think 3 months is fair you get something without hurting the end user. but that's something a single poll can sort out