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One of the things I quickly realized with the switch to the Hive blockchain was how much I previously relied on GINAbot's discord notifications to keep on top of what was going on! Well, that and the fact that I have to replace a lot of my wardrobe...but that's a topic for another post.

Since I'm not sure when GINAbot will be ported to Hive, I went ahead and set up a quick and dirty Hive Discord notification service over the weekend simply called HiveBot. I've been told that GINAbot should be ported over to Hive soon, in which case then you'll have a choice of two services for Discord notifications, and more choices is rarely a bad thing. In the meantime, feel free to use HiveBot for your Hive-related notifications on Discord.

It is currently available in the following Discord servers:

To set it up just go to one of those servers and type !hivebot into any public channel or message the HiveBot#8153 account directly. It will respond with a private link valid for 24 hours that you can use to set up the types of notifications you wish to receive. It currently supports notifications for the following operations:

  • Transfers
  • Witness Votes
  • Top-Level Posts
  • Comments
  • Replies
  • Votes
  • Hive Power Delegations
  • Follows
  • Vesting Withdrawals (a.k.a. power down payments)
  • Delegation Returns

You can get notifications when any of the above operations is either sent or received by any account. You can even get notifications for accounts you don't own since everything is public on the blockchain. You can also set a "minimum" amount for any of the above operations, so for example, you can set it to only send notifications for transfers above 1 HIVE/HBD, or for witness votes with more than 100 HP (combined between owned and proxied HP).

If you would like any additional operations added, or any other features, please let me know and I'll try to get them in asap! Additionally please keep in mind that this is something I just threw together quickly over the weekend, so please let me know if you run into any bugs or issues and bear with me while I get them fixed.

That's all for now. Hope this helps you keep on top of what's going on on Hive!


Note: All rewards from this post will go to @steem.dao (The Hive Development Fund account) to support the development of the Hive blockchain.


Thank you.

Sounds good. Good work. Apreciate tha efforts are attached with hive community

This and Binance listing were the missing pieces for us to start accepting HIVE and HBD at our platform :)
Let's hope Binance moves faster!

Finally! (impatient)

Can you add a notification for when someone posts please?

Can't believe I forgot that one, lol! Will get it added in asap.

Cheers. Using it now.

With the notifications for replies received, if it is a reply to a comment, it goes to the comment above (mine), if a reply to a post, it links straight to the post, which means scrolling to find the right one anyway. I am not sure how difficult to implement, but I think it would be better if it linked to the comment received itself


That's the whole purpose of Gina xD for me anyway.

That sounds good!

I like to get a notification for some people I ready often :)

This only works when I open messaging with the account. Nothing happens in response to posting in the server. Great tool though. Reposted.

Hi @yabapmatt

I have tried many times to set HIVEBOT but it did't work

I tested it on chrome, opera and firefox.

Please have a look

My username is @azwarrangkuti


Can you tell me what exactly did not work? Were you able to set up the notifications on the web page but then you didn't receive discord messages? Or was there an issue with the web page?

I can't set the 'add notification'


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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

nice one matt! really needed this .. its been hard keeping up without gina.. nice work!

I use my old shirts as rags, so that is one option for your steem gear. 😄

Good news

That's brilliant news. Thanks!

This is cool

I like that.
But can't you do anything here?

A very useful addition to HIVE. Thank you for creating it.

I have deeply missed GINAbot. Thanks for setting this up.

I miss GINA too. Especially text occurence and mention notifications.

Mentions are added now.

Gonna check them out. Thanks!

I'll try to get those added in!

When I try to message HiveBot#8153 it says that it couldn't find it.

=( cant find the bot in the servers or through dm

Ah that's great. I actually started working on building a notification bot. Couldn't complete it due to other priorities.

Great to have this bot now. I guess this will be good stop gap arrangement until Gina is back for Hive.

The closet sweep is great idea now we are in quarantaine and the secondhand store will love all. And that hive bot is my safety net , thanx but can it please be called McHiver or Gino-bot, Rita would be an option too😉 stay safe !

Thank you, @yabapmatt! It really was just what I was looking for!

Good replacement for GINAbot. Thanks :-)
Note: You cannot delete invalid (misspelled) notifications in the settings

Amazing, I will test it asap.
Is there a possibility to be notified at 'mentions' @yabapmatt and perhaps when someone reblogs a post?

This is a wonderful initiative, reposting to share with my friends.

Just added mentions, will try to add reblogs as well, thanks for the feedback!

I've been expecting something like this. Thanks for bringing it on.

Gina code is finished and Gina will launch on friday on hive =)

Lifesaver, lol!

Awesome! I was really looking for this one. I hope you will add the mention notification anytime soon too 😃

Mentions have been added.

Hey, @yabapmatt what about mention and rehive ( like resteem ) ?

Mentions are added, reblog/rehive coming soon!

how to call the bot to send us the link to the settings ? Like in gina bot we had ''set..'' ?

Thanks for this @yabapmatt, worked fine for me x

I'm very thankful and see you're working on more implementations already :)


i thought everyone pronounced it gIna bot?

Works great! Thank you

How inconvenient would it be to ask to get this on the STEMsocial server?? Seems super cool (I never actually used this Ginabot)

This is cool. Nice one buddy

this would be useful for the community to get it installed. Will get it up in our TeamMalaysia discord soon. Cheers @yabapmatt

That's amazing, kindly add the Post notification option also.

Good news!

Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

Sadly, I don't think I get enough engagement to make much use of this bot. But I might use it anyway since it will remind me to keep active on Hive.

Thanks for this.. I’ll see and find out how it works.

But I gave a question concerning the steembottracker as I know you’re the creator of it. Well, I went there the other day to undelegate but it wasn’t working as I got an error. Can you tell me where to go if there’s a replacement of it I wasn’t aware of? And let me know it or it’s whereabouts. Appreciate it.

Found a bug, it keeps sending me notifications for the comments I made when I asked for comments I've received.

Yea the send/receive stuff is a little confusing and something I need to clean up. But if you want to get notifications for comments that are made in reply to you then you need to choose the "Reply" option. The "Comment" option is to get notifications about when a particular account posts a comment.

Manually curated by goldendawne from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!!

Thank you for this great addition to our ability to engage with our Hive blockchain @yabapmatt.

I encountered one "glitch" in using the interface. I could only delete a line item one at a time. In closing it and reopening it via the hyperlink in Discord, I was able to then delete another one. Until I had them all set, as needed.

Thanks again for this great service!

Excellent, do you have a choice when someone follows you and when someone unfollow you?

I can't find hivebot in discord.

Ya estoy recibiendo notificaciones.
Al abrir el enlace de 24 horas, solo hay que cuidar escribir la cuenta del usuario del que deseamos notificaciones, luego seleccionar entre "recibe" "envía" "envía y recibe", finalmente seleccionar el tipo de notificación que se desea.
Un dato adicional que puedo aportar, es que si deseas borrar una notificación y el sistema no te deja hacerlo, solo actualiza o refresca el navegador e intenta borrar de nuevo y lo hace sin problemas. ¡Excelente herramienta!

Who muted function might be a good addition @yabapmatt

@yabapmatt I'm not totally sure what this is or does but one of the things I had for steem and now hive is that there won't be a reason to leave your hive page to receive or respond to alerts and messages in real time. Facebook knew that messenger was their game changer because they spent so much time and money trying to figure out how to keep people from leaving their platfrom. My issue with steemit was that whenever I wanted to learn something about steemit in real time I had to leave the platform and go to discord or telegram which in turn, built their platform as opposed to building steemit. I'm hopefull that our entire hive lives can be lived on hive itself if you know what I mean. That is key to mainstream appeal.

Hey Matt, Gina will be available very shortly in the next day or two. She will be on Hive only and no longer on Steem.

Thanks a ton! I was just asking someone about making this recently.

Is this open source? Thank you matt.

Thank you!

I have a question, if the private link lasts 24 hours, what happens after this time point? The set notifications remain valid forever ? If yes, how can I edit them after 24 hours?

After 24 hours you just need to send the !hivebot message again to get a new link. This is to prevent someone who gets ahold of your link from messing with your notifications.

Thank you very much.

sincerely, thank you @yabapmatt