"Can someone point me in the right direction with that?"

sure, here is the right direction:
tribaldex is great for superuser/devs/etc,
beeswap is great for liquidity providers.
both interact with the same pools.

Nice. Thank you very much.

I will check it out but also follow up once I regain liquidity after buying all the #Splinterlands packs I could buy!

If you are overwhelmed by the Tribaldex UI, is a bit simpler and does a good job overall.

Thank you. That's new to me, I'll give it a shot.

I tried the Tribaldex one and yes it was a bit difficult to understand.

Tribaldex is doing a lot of things, beeswap is doing one thing and @gerber is not bad with UIs (if he wants).

just think of staking liquidity like you are a bee in a hive collecting sunlight by the square meter through photosynthesis


see its simple, you collect pollen like interest and hah

hahaha ok im not serious about that analogy but i was about to do that

see, this one gets it

heres 1 dogecoin for so you can say you earned liquid crypto today


If you want to take the bee theme to a higher level, check out the SWAP.HIVE:PLN pool. It has some rewards in the usual tokens, and then a whole bunch of bee-themed gaming tokens. From an analogy standpoint, it's mind-blowing!

But you get points for creativity!

You stake Liquidity and if the pool has rewards, you get them periodically. That's basically it.

Alright. What token is used for the rewards?

And when you say "if" that means that there is no guarantee that there will be rewards?

Rewards details are given with all of the pools which has rewards associated with them. If there is no rewards description then it means that pool has no reward/s.

Right... Thanks, I will keep a lookout on that.

Somehow I think that the one pool I was in gave me BEE. I was expecting a different token, saw nothing happen and then unstaked but then saw BEE in my hive-engine wallet and I was not sure where it had come from.

When you click on "has LP Rewards", it will show the details.


Yap, basically all pools started without and rewards had to added in a separate motion afterwards.

Well.. now.. they all do, 0.25% of all the transactions, right? Can be a lot, can be very little.

This change, as I understand from this post, will cut 0.25% of anyone who uses a pool for swapping and those tokens will be distributed to the liquidity providers. This should increase the earning of the providers overall by exactly those 0.25% of the overall transaction volume.

check out the open source pools on we need to learn from the math and work of @avral from Golos , the OTHER steem fork!

Another STEEM fork? äääääääääöhm what?

golos is the fork of steem from waaay back in like 2017 or something that i think the cia made @dan and @ned go set up in Russia as part of some alien technology sharing deal where the extra terrestrial DPOS software had to be shared like nuclear weapons or something (think late 90s mac g5 commercial)

and then the witnesses got so stupid and centralized one of them had to beg for millions of goplos afterBOTH back up hard drives were lost in an "electric fire" mafia style hahaha

so people made ANOTHER fork of the already forked steem fork and made golos classic or golos ID which is a lot like hive ... they actually pioneered the path of a steem adversarial steem fork where they had to zero out / max out certain big accounts etc for the new golos, like hive did when it forked from steem etc


see how the DPOS tree of life works from @dan ?





You cant control a group of people who keep jumping to new timelines... hack or centralize one chain, and we just fork a new one...

We are essentially filtering out all the best most free thinking people for the us government / military / intelligence agencies to see who the AI should listen to in the future to write the next gen governance blockchains that will end up ruling over us...

then we are handed over the keys to the treasury of the NEWdollar or EOS programmable US dollar or a Local Hive Dollar backed by social media content, one of these concepts will become the new treasury system, probably backed by Proposals, like if the dollar was just Telos or Hive, and our Proposal systems replaced the Congress and Senate, that would allow a decentralized direct democracy with @edenos one person one vote local randomized hierarchial governance possible

Warnings echo from futures past:
"the current battle is never the last"

and then they said - [never attack the phoenix]
and they were right.

trash poem lol

This is a lot to digest, let me read and research this at first.