Access any HIVE data easily with excel/csv - Introducing hive2csv

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Hello Hive community,

My name is lightproject, I am an app developer and I would like to present hive2csv.

Hive2csv project is intended to provide the general public with tools for accessing and managing hive data in an accessible way.

Please note that this is still under development.

Intro and sample

Sample #2: finding how many accounts @esteemapp has created in last 3 month

Thanks @anyx and @drakos for their public RPC nodes.

NOTE: Please do not exceed 3-4 months of time range, it is currently its max capacity.


Awesome! Thanks

Your URL is wrong in the link to your front end:

Looks a very interesting project!

Thanks! edited.

Timestamps are missing for beneficiaries, which is all I tested. Looks great, though.

Yes thanks for that, I forgot to add them.

Hi @lightproject

First off I wanna say great tool and thanks for putting the time in making it.

But I wanted to ask... Is it possible to use this tool to see who is delegating to an account?

E.G. my account raj808 can easily see who I'm delegating outwards to using wallet as it lists the names of the accounts that you're delegating too, but that wallet does not show who is delegating to me, only the amount that someone is delegating.

I used to use steemworld to keep track of such information but there is no such tool for hive.

I tried using your app with the 'transfer' function for seeing if any incoming/outgoing delegations were listed but no joy.

Hello raj808,

the app is still not very intuitive, when no data available, the csv export is just empty.

My suggestion is that you select a wider time range.

Regarding your question about delegation, it is currently not implemented but I will make sure to add it! thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for mention! Great tool 💪 👍

I have tried to use it but I am getting error:
"Application error. An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. "
I will try again later.

Hello bosman,

please try with a wider time range.

I'm getting that error also.

I think error is triggered by first capital letter. Ensuring lower case account name. Should work now. Thanks for reporting.

It is working now. This looks like a great tool, I hope you keep developing it. There are lots of additions I could see being useful like showing transfers to/from, rewards claimed... just to name a couple.

It is related to android mobile, where keyboard auto injects first letter as capital. Anyways its fixed. Thanks for reporting.

The URL <> brings me to a page stating "This site can’t be reached." Is there an updated URL I can visit to use Hive2CSV?