Hellooo @HiveAustralia (the new @TeamAustralia)

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Where do I start?!

I think a HUGE thank you is in order to everyone who has jumped on board and supported the new changes to @TeamAustralia.

Rebranding, moving house, coming together and starting fresh, takes significant amounts of time, effort and man/chick power, and all that can only be achieved by working together.

To say the response has been heart warming and overwhelming is a complete understatement, and I can't express my gratitude enough to everyone who has made this transition a quick and easy process.

Hive Australia

In 2017, @TeamAustralia was one of the first, biggest and most active communities on the (then Steem) blockchain.

Since then many of our members have either fully integrated themselves in to the blockchain, whether it be starting their own communities or being part of some of it's biggest projects, or they have left and disappeared.

The group we have now are the loyalists and die hard Hivers.

@HiveAustralia is very much about getting the good old days back, hanging out, enjoying each other's company and working together to build a lasting and thriving community for Australians on the Hive blockchain.


There is no governance. We just do what we need to do and get the party going.


It's only been four days since we began rebuilding and I'm so proud to say we have come a long way all thanks to our new Discord home.

Discord is where we get organised, chat, upvote, get footers and anything else - so if you're an Aussie and want to be part of the goings on, trust me, you want to join the server, everything is there like...

@HiveAustralia upvote bot

Located in the post-promo channel the bot can only be triggered by level 3 members. This is to ensure that members are there for the right reasons which is to engage and participate in the community, not just to use the bot. I'm also hoping that having all the links there will help us engage with each other.

It's important for me to say that @HiveAustralia is only four days old. For an account that new to have over 7,000 HP delegated to it is an amazing feat.

Thank You!

A massive THANK YOU to all our delegators ~ @aagabriel, @quochuy, @mattclarke, @melbourneswest, @frogcake, @bearone, @ryivhnn, @ausbitbank ~ for their generosity and support. We are truly blessed to have you all in our community.


One of the topics we covered during the meet-up was Hive promotion.

I firmly believe signage is key to this and locally, within the Hive ecosystem, it would be easier for other Aussies to find each other and join the community if we had signage.

This is where the footers come in.

Members can collect their custom Hive Australia footers from the footers channel on the server.

Thanks to @Quochuy (resident tech and genius) we are able to type in

/hafooter username frontendofchoice

And Skippy will automatically generate your footer.

What's next?

As I mentioned before our aim is to grow @HiveAustralia and the best way to do that is to post.

We are currently looking for people who can curate #hiveaustralia once a week. Ideally, it would be nice to have 4 volunteers so the workload is spread out among the 4 who would be on rotation.

Engagement activities and cross platform promotions are also in the books, but again volunteers are needed for this.

Keep and eye on this space.
This is only the beginning.


Woo hoo! So happy this has been kick started and yay to everyone who has chipped in. Thanks @bearone for your enthusiasm and excitement. Xx

Thank you for your support and help @riverflows. Looking forward to tomorrow's post!


Wow! Very generous of you @galen, thank you!


Wo0t wo0t well done!

Fabulous community spirit and effort from everyone. So overhwelming!

Yay! 🤗
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Great work, it’s very impressive how fast we seem to have come together.

Hi, welcome fellow islanders

tuyệt vời quá anh huy ơi @quốc huy .

I am a Vietnamese. Can I give you a small part of me? let us grow

Wow that goes fast! @nurseanne84 this is one to follow for you

We can really get stuff going when we want ;D

Are we still going to use the teamaustralia tag or use hiveaustralia? I suppose I can keep checking either way and just add hiveaustralia or just do what I usually do and probably end up following anyone who seems interesting on Discord as I tend to ignore spam post-promo channels ^_^;

Hey! Sorry just saw this. Using both for now, for at least another couple of weeks for the stragglers. Then we switch to #hiveaustralia

Well done let me know how ii can help