Virtual Meet-up July 10, 11am AEST

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Sorry for the late notice!

It's coming to that time again. As discussed during the last meet-up we'll be having a virtual meet on Discord on the second Saturday of every month.

This week we'll be trialling an early time to see if that will work for more people. A lot of us have kids and I know the 8pm was quite a late start for a few of us so I'm hoping 11am works.

On the agenda

There's a few things up for discussion/voting this week.

  1. @hiveaustralia voting bot.
    Delegation payments. Since not a lot of people are voting do we allow each member to use their vote to outside of Hive Australia.

  2. Volunteers!
    The quickest way to grow the @hiveaustralia account is through posting and for that we need curators and writers. Any volunteers?

  3. The Hive Australia account.
    Ownership. Keys etc. I have discussed this topic with @ausbitbank but I think we all need to talk about it so everyone knows what's going on, especially since we have no governance.

That's about it that I can think of. If you have anything you'd like to discuss during the meet-up please feel free to do so on the day.

If you can't make it to the meet and would like to express your thoughts on any of the items I mentioned, please comment below and we'll add your comment to our discussion.

Don't forget!

Saturday, July 10 at 11am!



I doubt that I can attend a meeting this Saturday but will throw in 2 cents for what it's worth and in the hope that my comments will be received in good faith.

  1. The Voting Bot - I run one of these for another community and have the same problem with unused voting power. It does depend on what the purpose of the bot is - To just support members, or to support particular content the community likes or maybe both. The previous TA bots have been primarily about members so you could just use excess power to support on-chain engagement by voting comments on members posts.

  2. Volunteers - The biggest issue with pure volunteers is they get burnout so to maintain a regular production of posts a team is best to share the load, but then you don't want them treading on each others toes. I'd suggest getting volunteers to post about their initiatives or projects within the community. eg, one Volunteer just posts about recruitment, another about meetups, or competitions etc. Also, its worth talking about what is the "grow" objective - Is it about accumulating wealth, followers, influence or something else?

  3. Ownership - Probably the most important issue and maybe the agenda item to start with as it can affect the others (well it does for me anyway). I personally prefer "Decentralised Governance" over "No Governance" because the latter has a tendency to blow everything up and cause a schism when a misunderstanding or disagreement occurs down the road and there is nothing in place to handle it. With the current technological limitations of this blockchain I like the idea of having a "Custodian" of the key(s) that is entrusted by the community to manage things on behalf of the community and is chosen in a democratic way. I know this might seem an over-the-top suggestion so early in the piece when the thing is worth peanuts, but I've seen what happens when stuff like this isn't in place and the thing becomes worth real moneys over time. NOTE - I personally do see HA as a rebranding/rejuvination of TA, not a blank slate so the core community is already atleast 4 years old and does have some maturity and capacity to be able to evolve in this direction.

I'd also like to re-iterate what I said in Discord. I am not trying to be divisive but for important votes (eg, Ownership) I'd like to see the votes conducted on-chain so that the vote can be more transparent and inclusive for members who can't attend the discord meetings. I believe that the risk of having big decisions made only in a Discord Caucas will lead to some members (like me) inevitably falling through the cracks and becoming disenfrachised.

All excellent points bugg and I'll make sure to paste this during the meet tomorrow.

All good advice, i totally agree with the important of 2. and 3.

  1. I don't know much about and isn't relevant to the reasons I joined - it may be in the future but for now I'll give the economics issue a wide berth.

I am going to try and make this but might not be able to. If I cannot I am happy to volunteer some time to write posts. My time is pretty precious during the school term so I could probably only commit to a post a fortnight or something like that.

I also agree with the on-chain governance for transparency and that we have a great community already established, how do we re-engage those still around and reinvigorate the community as a whole.

I tried to make the last one, but turns out 8pm wasn't a really good time. 😅 In the event that tonight is as eventful for me as last time, I'll take a leaf out of bugged's book and write a bunch of stuff here too.

The voting bot:
Perhaps something like the @teamaustralia or @centerlink bot? I know you want to reward people for socialising in Discord though, so, I guess that's probably not an option. I'm honestly not the most chattiest of people; I'm more of an observer when it comes to crowds (More than two is a crowd! Lol), but happy to delegate to it to help others. I think if someone doesn't want to use the bot to vote on their own post, they should be able to use their daily vote to vote on someone's post they find worthy or want to promote. 🙂

The other two items I don't really have much to say on... 👀 I've tried volunteering for other communities before, and it was fun! But ended up feeling like a chore after a while. Because I'm not the chattiest of people I spent way too many hours forcing myself to write bright and bubbly comments and checking and triple-checking that they sounded like something a normal person would say, haha! And I have no suggestions for the account keys/ownership/governance situation, but I'm sure it'll all work out. 😊

Hi Sorry can’t make 11:00am 8:00 pm is better for me, I am trying to write more so I will commit to doing some posts.

Hopefully the earlier time works out :D

I won't be able to make 11am starts at all during term, I'll be working and then I have the nerdy afternoons all weekend ^_^; 8pm ones "it depends" but I have a slightly higher chance of sidling in late x_x Tomorrow might be okay though as I'm pretty sure I'm not working :)

phew, i thought i already missed this.

Haha yeh sorry for the late and lack of notice. Which time can do you? 11am or 8pm?

I'm good with the new time, being Saturday July 10th 8pm AEST

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