yes, they are!

You can use multiple interfaces to interact with proposals to the DHF.

Three of the best options available currently are, the interface, and the Hive.Blog interface. These are all different ways to view the same proposals, so feel free to use whichever you feel most comfortable with. Remember that proposals are a core part of our blockchain, so don't forget to check on what else is available, and to come back often to see if there's anything that aligns with the Hive you want to see. You can vote for proposals, but also remove your votes for them if you feel they are not being fulfilled. In the coming weeks, we'll create a helpful reference post talking more about the DHF and proposal fund possibilities for the future of Hive.

Choose the interface that works best for you, and you will be able to vote for them there :)
This is what they look like on, for example.


I was searching in peakd and didn't not found, now they are! Thanks!

Hey @peakd can you put the proposals list in any kind of sort ;) I can't find logic in order list.

if you select "creator" you can get it alhpabetically.

Cool! Thanks!