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RE: Information on Secondary Airdrop Proposals: Community Voting Begins Now

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As one of the victims of malicious actions performed by Steem witnesses, that prevented me from controlling my assets (rewards for my 4 years of work dedicated to Steem), I'm going to vote for Proposal #103: "Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops".

“This is a classic ideological split: the people who actively want a centralized chain can stay on Steem, the ones that don't will build Hive.”

Current voting is about two groups, and since there are obvious bad actors there, it's also obvious choice for me.

I see no reason to reward people who are actively working against what we build here.

That being said if there are honest mistakes I'm open to consider individual proposals when they arise.


I agree at this point the airdrop should be on an individual basis. I can not support voting for a list of names to be airdropped in either group nor in any imaginable way of grouping said actors.

I was waiting to see where those affected by the freezing would go. If you were inclined to be kind, so was I. Tautoko (I agree and I support you).

My English is not good, so I was hoping for a good answer like yours, I agree with you.

I’m so sorry for your loss Gandalf:(.
Anyway I 100% agree! + Since there are obviously individual cases will obviously be allowed there is no reason to include any (so vaguely) categorized groups just like that...Innocent people can make their cases and be judged by the community individually...

This was the biggest factor for me as well. What is being done on Steem now is criminal.

Hive Secondary Airdrop: For Individual Voters should be airdropped to these accounts .
If anyone believes in freedom they should understand the right to a free vote without punishment .
Here is an example in the united States people are receiving $1200
If the United States did like Hive then everyone who voted for Hillary Clinton should not receive the $1200

You seem not understand what the fork and airdrop is, thus your analogy doesn't make sense.
You are free to create your own hardfork and airdrop to whoever you like.

What's being Polish got to do with anything?

Maybe he wanted to say "polished" because he admires him for his skills?

@heimindanger where do you see coins being cashed out to bittrex?

To me, it is evident as "Virtual Ops" on the blockexplorer:


Umm..., I can't see the block_num, transaction_id or date.
But if it's so, I'd like to have comments from @blocktrades or @gtg on this.