Join the Sequoir AMA Tomorrow: Live Video Q&A on May 18, 7pm PDT

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Join in, Hive community! Sequoir live AMA featuring your questions

Tomorrow evening (May 18, 2020) at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT, there will be a live AMA with the founders of Sequoir (formerly Vertbase), Justin and Stuart.

@Crimsonclad and other Hive community members will be joining a live video and chat session. There will be lots of news to share and time for questions and comments! Everyone is invited to leave their questions here on this post; this will be the bulk of the AMA, with live questions also being taken from the Hive discord during the event.

Hey Hive! Join the Sequoir founders for a community AMA: What do YOU want to know?

Founded at the start of 2018, Sequoir is a blockchain-built exchange for buying and selling digital assets, currently available in 117 countries, and fiat trading pairs with the US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar, and Canadian Dollar.

Take the time to read other's questions in the comments below and support the ones you would most like to see asked: reply, add your own question, or add a vote to help create an interesting and valuable AMA for everyone! This is a great chance for members of the Hive community to discuss Sequoir's potential with their friends and colleagues in a fun live event, and to learn more about some of the available services.

Check out Sequoir's website here and get those questions ready! There will even be some HIVE prizes for participants to sweeten the deal and up the fun factor. 🎉

Sequoir Highlights

• Crypto to crypto swaps (lowest fees) in 117 countries
• Buy and sell crypto in the US, UK, and Europe with the USD, GBP, or Euro.
• Non-custodial exchange: Sequoir never holds user assets. Digital assets are transferred directly to the user's wallet of choice.
• Giving back: Sequoir was the first exchange to begin donating a portion of profits back to the volunteer communities of the assets listed on Sequoir's platform.
• Debit card processing in the US with UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan to come

Will you be joining us for the Hive x Sequoir AMA? Let everyone know in the comments below, ask your questions, and help share the news!

The video will be live streamed from this account on 3Speak, Vimm, and the HiveIO YouTube channel, so you'll be able to choose where you want to watch. If you haven't already joined, hop into the Hive community discord, where the live text chat will be taking place. See you tomorrow!

EDIT: 🐝🐝 Apparently one of the bees around here is a time traveler; this post originally said April, incorrectly. See you tomorrow... which is in May. Clearly. 😅😅


Awesome listing this time. I had long awaited this AMA as the Huobi Global edition yielded amazing evidences for Hive.

Here is my Question:

  1. Beyond just serving as an exchange for Hive, how would Sequoir catalyse and bring new investors to Hive blockchain?
  2. Is it possible for an exchange as Sequoir (alongside others) to make healthy collaborations with products and service providers that can aid the exchange of Hive for tangible products and services?
  3. Would Sequoir accept Hive Engine tokens that are doing healthily in the markets? Example LEO token.
  4. Are there plans by Seqouir to help hive hodlers hold their hive fixed for some days foe additional rewards?

Thanks for the privilege to ask the above questions.

My question is:
**When is Sequoir going to add Venezuela to the list? we not only have one of the biggest communities inside Hive we are also one of the biggest users of crypto in Latin America, it would be nice to see our country added!

My question:
Any Idea when Alaska will be added?

Currently, Sequoir does not provide sales of virtual currency to residents from the following states: AK, CT, ...

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Thank you for the work that's gone into this :)

It'll be 3am here and so hopefully I'll be able to catch the Q and A's in the discord when I wake up. Cheers!

ready for the next blast :)

Great to see the Hive team using peakd's countdown feature. Makes it so much easier for those of us in different time zones.

True. FYI the easiest way to figure this out is to google "7pm PDT", the first answer in the information snippet will tell you what time that is in your country. Google knows where you live 😅😉

That's as creepy as it is useful. Thanks :)

You can also DuckDuckGo that. At least they don't Store that info and then connect it to all other data from your browsing they find, cross-device even.

I set an alarm! Looking forward to it.

This link is wrong

• Crypto to crypto swaps (lowest fees) in 117 countries

is it should be i think

Hi there!
Went to website, and it mentioned
"PayPal" integration,
If this can convert digital to fiat, and transfer to PayPal...
"It is Exactly" what Hive Needs!

Great initiative and way to engage with future partners ;).

It will be too late for me to join live but please share the link as I will watch it the following morning !

Thank you !

Where is Hive based? North America or Canada???
I thought it was a global community. If it's true then you should be using UTC / GMT instead of this PDT / EDT ...which obviously shows bias!

Greetings, excellent that more initiatives like this continue to be done for the greater adoption of both projects, of course including HIVE.

My questions are:

  1. How safe is Sequoir compared to other exchanges in the industry?

  2. Is the Hispanic market growing within the Crypto ecosystem, do you plan to expand to Latin America at some point, is it within your plans?

  3. Do you plan to expand the number of assets in your platform?

Excellent initiative, so I can learn more about HIVE and the Sequoir exchange.

I have two questions

  1. Can I exchange other digital currencies than Fiat coins directly on your platform, that is. Bitcoin for Litecoin for example, and at what rate would that be?

  2. Do you plan to list HIVE in your exchange platform, if so, what possibilities would there be to integrate fiduciary currencies from countries such as Venezuela, which are currently a large market?

My question is:

Do you genuinely care for people? If so, why did you omit the "p" in "people"? 😜

Okay, on a serious note I wanna ask something very basic:

  • How should I call you? I mean, what does Sequoir mean and how is that pronounced?
  • What does the name Vertcoin mean and what does it stand for?

it will be great opportunity to learn more about hive

  • What makes you interested in Hive community?

  • How many Sequoir Merchants do you serve across the globe who accept digital assets? Would you like to list HBD as a stable digital asset?

  • How do you compare HBD vis-a-vis Sila?

Excited to hear more about the debit/credit cards and how they work!

Any news for Canadians to get onboard and make purchases? Or is that still not available for us?