Time for a Sunday BBQ

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With the covid regulations changing constantly in Suriname, I had to change my plans for this weekend. But one thing stayed the same, I was going to have my Sunday BBQ.

An overview of my Sunday BBQ

For my last birthday I decided to let my friends know beforehand what I wanted as a Bday present. So, I told them I was going to buy a BBQ set.

My brand new locally made BBQ Set

A couple of friends chipped in and a couple of months later, my brand new locally made BBQ Set was delivered at home. This weekend I was planning to have friends over te test it for the first time. But due to the chaos surrounding the lockdown rules (first we were going to have a full weekend lockdown, then restrictions were changed), it didn't go through.

The marinated meats ready to go.

First, I marinated everything and then, the BBQ started.

Do you like it medium-rare or well done?

I ordered a lot of skirt steak, and made 3 different versions:
* Buttered skirt
* Honey BBQ skirt
* Curry skirt
That last one was an experiment.

The kids getting the marshmallows in.

My kids of course were joining in as well, first to 'help' Dad with the BBQ, then also for more personal reasons.

For variety, I added some pork chop, which was pretty delicious as well.

And the end result:

All and all, it was a pretty satisfying first experience.




That food looking really good

Thanks. Tasted great as well. Especially the Honey BBQ Skirt was next level.

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You should share the recipe

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