Business Card design for HIVE

The concept of my calling card is a loading screen of HIVE. Once it is fully loaded or the person scan the QR code and sign up. It will be able to explore and enter the Blockchain for Web 3. At the back part, there is also a QR code or an invitation to the discord of HIVE PH where it can meet other people, ask some questions or help about HIVE.


I used a black background for this calling card. Then I put the logo of Hive in the center.

Adding the HIVE text and also the loading screen bar.

Changing the color of the loading bar into the same color of HIVE. Then I added the QR code on the loading bar.

Adding some futuristic frames on the corner. The frames were available in the Canva app for free.


Since the Front part already focused on the HIVE. I did not include the logo in the back part. I focused more on the QR code and some details that will give you a hint about the Hive Philippines.

After adding the QR code, I inserted the HIVE PH and Join our Community text.

Adding some borders on the corners. Borders are from the Canva.

Adding a glowing effect on the QR code.


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nice design. good luck

Thank you!