Hive Business Card

My idea for the Hive Business card Design Contest. The front of the business card is more on the information about HIVE and also an invitation to join. While on the back part, it is an invitation to join the HivePH Community after creating an account on HIVE.


I made this design on Canva. The materials used were all provided in the app.
Creating the front part of the card. I started with this one hexagonal shape because I want to make a design that is like a bee hive.

Changing the color of the first hexagon and then adding the HIVE logo.

Placing a new hexagon with different color and size.

Creating multiple copies of the Hexagons.

Forming the Bee Hive.

Adjusting the orientation and then adding the HIVE text.

Adding some text below the word HIVE and also a QR code in the shade of red.


Let's proceed on to the back part. Instead of using the colors of the flag of the country, I used the map of the Philippines to signify that it is about the HIVE PH Community.

Adjusted the size, position, and the opacity.

Adding the HIVE logo.

Adding the QR code and the HIVE PH text and an invitation text.