Happy Birthday to the Hive Community

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This announcement may seem strange to some because many of us celebrated the first “anniversary” of the Hive on March 20th. But in fact, that date corresponds more to the Hive "Forkday" as @arcange named it in his recent post.

Indeed, it would be unfair to deny our past and forget our long history.

A bit of history

Five years ago, Steemit inc. a centralized company (now owned by a supporter of censorship and theft) launched a revolutionary new blockchain combining technical, financial and social aspects.

The very first block of the blockchain was generated on 2016-03-24 16:05:00 UTC time!

Few minutes later, the very first accounts were created on 2016-03-24 17:00:03. They were 3 of them: @admin, @dark and @nxt1.

3 seconds later, 4 additional accounts were created: @nxt, @nxt, @dantheman and @administrator

Six days later, on 2016-03-30 18:30:18, the very first post was published on the blockchain and welcomed with great enthusiasm.

For many of us, the story started in July 2016. It is at this moment that we saw a massive arrival of new users. This was mainly because people received their first payout and realized that they could actually monetize their content.

For almost four years, many enthusiasts have joined the adventure: developers, bloggers, investors ... people from all walks of life.

Then happened what you all know: the split of our community and the fork to the Hive blockchain.

Many have decided to continue the adventure started four years earlier on this blockchain where the notions of decentralization and censorship-free remain more important values than ever.

Since then, the number of users on Hive has never stopped growing. As of writing, we have 1446405 registered accounts with a constant flow of new users registering and becoming active each day.

Happy Birthday Hive!

Despite last year's events, it would be sad not to celebrate the 5 years commitment of the early adopters and pioneers who are still with us and who allow us to benefit from their experience.

It is therefore with pride that we celebrate with them the 5th anniversary of our decentralized blockchain.

If you registered your account on the Hive blockchain 5 years ago, you will automatically get this badge on your board. Of course, you can reuse it in your post to show your fellow Hivers you are a Hive Veteran.

For those who joined us recently, you will have to be patient. But do not worry, on the first, second, third or fourth anniversary of your registration, you will also your deserved badge.

We wish you a Happy Hive Birthday!

The Hivebuzz Team.

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Time flies... yes? I have been on the Blockchain since June of 2017. Like @steevc said; looking back there has been a LOT of change. But if we can work together, and have people like you and the team @arcange, surely there are positive things ahead

Happy Birthday Blockchain!!

!wine !LUV @tipu curate

El tiempo vuela ... ¿sí? He estado en Blockchain desde junio de 2017. Como dijo @steevc; mirando hacia atrás, ha habido MUCHOS cambios. Pero si podemos trabajar juntos, y tenemos gente como tú y el equipo @arcange, seguro que hay cosas positivas por delante

¡Feliz cumpleaños Blockchain!

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I joined on 2nd August 2016. Those were different times with top posts making many $thousands and newbies like me struggling to make a cent. We've come a long way, but there is much to do. I would love to see a million active users. That may change the nature of Hive, but we need more people benefiting from it.

Thanks for all you do.

Yeah, still a lot of things to do and improve. Let's talk about it in another 5 years.
Happy Hive Birthday to you @steevc

Hard to imagine where we will be in 5 years. A lot of things could be different by then, but I hope we can at least meet up in person.

Shared hope!

🚀Top posts, don’t let them sink

Happy birthday 🐝 ❤ HIVE!

And many more to come! :-)

Thank you @shasta, for this nice comment 😊

Happy Hive Birthday(belated), and wish you many more to come!!

ha! in a week I am getting my 2nd birthday badge, but -- the life goes so hard and filled with events here on the blockchain - that you starting to feel yourself a veteran, after each fork!


Happy Birdthday, HIVE !

Wow, thank you so MUCH for your comment @qwerrie 😊👍

I am not a veteran but this June I celebrate my fourth anniversary and I am very happy for it, not only because of how my financial life changed when in Venezuela I was going through a difficult time, but because of all the people I have met, people who at times They shared more time with me than my family or friends in real life.

Thank you all for making hive a friendly and comfortable place to be.

No soy veterana pero este Junio cumplo mi cuarto aniversario y estoy muy feliz por ello, no solo por como cambio mi vida financiera cuando en Venezuela pasaba por un momento difícil, si no por todas las personas que he conocido, gente que en algunos momentos ,compartían mas tiempo conmigo que mi familia o amigos de la vida real.

Gracias a todos por hacer de hive un lugar amable y cómodo para estar.

Thank you @carlagonz, for this nice comment! We are really happy to read all that brings to you, we hope there will be many more years 😊🌹

Happy Hive Birthday to us!

This is an amazing community and this is just the beginning! ;)

Stay awesome @arcange! :)

Thank you @griega for your lovely comment! Keep this nice vibe 😊🌹

Thanks to you!
I'll try! 😊🌹

🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Hive!! 🎉🎉

Thank you @inertia for your nice comment 😊👍

Yeahh happy birthday! here is some !WINE

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Thank you @filotasriza3, that's nice 😊 CHEERS!

It has been a journey but a worthwhile one. Happy Birthday indeed!

Thank you @enjoywithtroy, yes, a long road traveled 😉👍😊

Wow! You really dived us in in toto to the root of how everything started and how the presence of hive has really made a dramatic change on that.
Happy birthday @archange and Hive veterans, I can't wait to have my own badge. 😊😁👍

Thank you @rickardoh, for your nice comment, that's really kind 😊👍

Happy✨🎆 Birthday🌍 Hive

Thank you @valentin86 😊🌹😊🌹😊🌹

What a great way to acknowledge the genesis of our blockchain! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

Happy Hive Birthday @fionasfavourites

Happy birthday Hive!, ¡feliz cumpleaños Hive!

Muchas gracias @yiobri, es un placer 😊🌹

Happy B'day Hive
Have a nice day

Thank you @nenisaputra for your lovely comment 😊🌹

Happy Birthday Hive!!!

Thank you @samubit 😉👍

Hive!Happy Birthday!👑

Thank you @chinamaxim 😉👍😊

Wishing hive a big happy birthday and greater heights and developments😊🥳🥳

Thank you @savagetobi for your nice comment! 😊

Happy Birthday Hive! Though I'm elder than you, you did great things than me!

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Thank you @leofan for your comment 😊

Thank you too 😊

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Hello, i joined today and this is awesome for me. I'm loving this site. Happy 5 years lml

Thank you @chapath, for your comment! You will enjoy to be here 😊👍

Congrats! I’m just starting with this and everything seems really exciting

IWaooo Great story that I have been part of since 2017 and that due to personal situations I had to leave. I loved the philosophy started in Steemit and I believe that, like the Blockchain, the union of all users in this path that started 5 years ago will make the difference in the life of each one of them here in Hive. Greetings.

IWaooo Gran historia de la que he sido parte desde 2017 y que por situaciones personales debi dejar. Me encanto la filosofia iniciada en Steemit y creo que, como la Cadena de Bloques, la union de todos los usuarios en este camino que inicio hace 5 años hara la diferencia en la vida de cada uno de ellos aca en Hive. Saludos.

Thank you @fragozar01, for your nice comment! 😊

Happy birthday @hive community

Thank you @lizaboss 😊

Happy birhtday 👑🎉Thank's For everything

Tengo solo un mes en esta maravillosa creación, de la cual me siento muy agradecida, le pido a Dios que los llene de mucha vida y salud a todos los que permitieron y lograron crear este espacio que ha sido de mucha ayuda para muchas personas que hacemos vida en #HIVE, Feliz cumpleaños y que sean muchos años más. Solo me queda decirles gracias, gracias, gracias.

De nada @cochanet, es un placer 😊🌹

A great and detailed post here about our history my friend.
I joined a year later on June 2017 and since then have seen that most everyone continues to build Hive.
So, let's continue to build hive in hope and kindness.


Happy Hive Birthday! you too , you are really doing great and together we all will sail our boat to the goal 👏🍻🙏😀

Few days ago 1 year, now 5 😊
Great way to confuse new users 😎

We made time goes faster! Jumped four years in a few days

Te deseamos un feliz cumpleaños de Hive

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Happy Birthday #hive 🎂🥳 from me too then ... 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

@hivebuzz The King and his kingdom send salutations and well wishes! Probst !BEER

Cheers !WINE

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nice to be part of it

Happy birthday in arrears HIVE.. reason been that i am just coming, new on the platform and the celebration has lasted for 3 days. it is great to be here @arcange

Welcome on Hive @jesusboy

Happy 😊 birthday 🎂

Happy 😊 birthday 🎂.

Happy Birthday # 1 🙌

🎂🎁🥂 🥳


Esperemos que la plataforma siga mejorando poco a poco con sus actualizaciones. Es una plataforma que ofrece bienestar a todos. Debemos preocuparnos de aprender más y mas

I joined the Hive blockchain a few months ago. I am one week from my first post. I can not wait to celebrate year one and my fifth anniversary. Congratulations to all veterans.