Happy Birthday to the Hive Community

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This announcement might sound late or strange to some because many of us just celebrated the third “anniversary” of the Hive on March 20th. But in fact, that date corresponds to the Hive "Forkday" as @arcange named it in his recent post, i.e. the day our community forked away from the now centralized and censored Steem blockchain.

Although everyone here agrees that the infamous name shall never be said anymore, it would be unfair to deny our past roots and forget our history.

A bit of history

It's important to remember that it all started 7 years ago on March 24th, 2016. This date marks the beginning of an incredible journey that has brought us to where we are today.

Revolution I

A that time, Steemit Inc. launched a revolutionary new blockchain that combined technical, financial, and social aspects. The very first block of the blockchain was signed on 2016-03-24 16:05:00 UTC, and within minutes the first accounts were created.

Six days later, on 2016-03-30 18:30:18 UTC, the first post was published on the blockchain. It's probably not the best post in terms of content, but at least it's original.

For many of us, the story started a few months later. In July 2016, we saw the first "massive" arrival of new users. This was mainly because people received their first payout and realized that they could actually monetize their content.

It was a time of excitement and anticipation as we embarked on a journey that would change the way we interact with content online. For almost four years, many enthusiasts have joined the adventure: developers, bloggers, investors...

Revolution II

We then faced our main challenge: the hostile takeover orchestrated by Justin Sun with the complicity of exchanges like Binance. We have suffered censorship and even the theft of the assets of several of our members.

As one man, our community has united to defend the values it cherishes and fought back. The ultimate stage of this battle was the split of the community from what became a rotten apple driven by sock puppets.

With forked Steem to create the Hive blockchain, we made history!


Since then, Hive has continued on its own path with many new features and continuous improvements over the years while Steem the blockchain whose name shall not be said anymore has remained stagnant and has become a ghost town in terms of developments.

This commitment to innovation and growth is what sets Hive apart from other blockchain platforms and is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our community. This growth has been fueled by the success of many applications and projects like @splinterlands, @leofinance, @peakd, @ecency, @threespeak, @dbuzz, @liketu, @psyberx, @crypto-shots.com, @actifit, @waivio, @muterra, @wrestorgonline, @hashkings, ... to name a few of them.

They have not only helped to improve the platform and enhance the user experience, but they also helped to attract new users to the platform to create a more sustainable and decentralized economy.

Happy Birthday Hive!

It is this long history of 7 years and all that we have achieved that we want to celebrate with you today. We still have with us a group of early adopters and pioneers who have remained committed to Hive and who today allow us to benefit from their experience.

It is therefore with pride that we celebrate with them the 7th anniversary of Our Decentralized Blockchain.

If you registered your account on the Hive blockchain 7 years ago, you will receive this badge from @HiveBuzz. You can proudly reuse it in your post to show your fellow Hivers you are a Hive Veteran.

For those who joined us recently, you will have to be patient. But do not worry, on each of your anniversaries of your sign-up on the blockchain, you will also receive a nice badge.

A last word

Did you know that in, the Tarot de Marseille, the number 7 is associated with the Chariot card? The Chariot represents victory, willpower, and determination. It is a card of action and movement, and it suggests that you are on the right path and making progress toward your goals.

That says it all, doesn't it?

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we look back with pride on all that we have achieved. But we also look forward with excitement to all that is yet to come!

We wish you a Happy 7th Hive Birthday!

The Hivebuzz Team.

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


It's been quite a journey and lots of us are still here. I started a few months after that, so I'll get my badge soon. Joining this blockchain is one of the best things I have done. I have made so many friends and had some cool experiences. It is not just about money. We get some drama, but revolutions tend to produce that.

Onwards and upwards!

Looking forward to you receiving your "7 years on Hive" badge. You are truly one of the blockchain veterans we mentioned. 🎉🎖️

congratulations on the amazing job!
seems that I'm "new" here, but I'm here since 2017 with my other "steemit" account @adamferrari. remember that took me a while to understand all this. and still learning everyday with you all.

Thank you @vaipraonde
We are all still learning Hive intricacies here and there. Glad to see you're part of our community.
Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

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Happy 7th Hive!

Happy Hive Birthday @kerrislravenhill 🎉

It'll be a few months before my 7 badge, but it's been a good journey here even though I haven't been around since the dawn of the chain under the name which shall not be uttered here.

Hehe, is sometimes so hard not to say the name that shall not be said 😆
Looking forward to you getting your deserved Birthday badge.

What an incredible journey! I'm a new user (less than 2 years), but reading this pieces of history adds a lot of meaning to this awesome chain!


Thank you for your feedback @arc7icwolf. Glad to see you are enjoying Hive and looking forward to you receiving your "2 years on Hive" badge.

I few months and I'll be there, thanks :)


Happy 7th anniversary to all hive veterans, it's amazing the story of the emergence of this blockchain that opened doors for me may the hive successes continue.🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Thank you @nill2021. Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

So it has been 7 years and not three years wow, I am happy to be part of it. I am part of the history and this legacy. I hope I can contribute more.

We are also happy that you are part of the adventure @grecyg.
Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

Felicidades,realmente interesante todo esta historia, lo importante fue que siguieron por buen rumbo y ahora pueden ver esos grandes resultados de constancia y dedicación.

Gracias por tu comentario @ancnoticias. Feliz Hive Cumpleaños 🎉

Thanks for some more background on the history of Hive.

Someone can write a book on it.

You're welcome @finguru. Yeah, one could write a book about Hive history... who knows...
Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

Happy Birthday Hive Community :) !

Thanks @arcange

Thank you @woelfchen. Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

Happy 7th Hive!

It's fascinating to read the history of how this blockchain has come to be. Thank you to all those who fought for freedom and contributed to Hive's growth, development and victory :)

Hurray and long live, Hive!

Thank you for your kind words and enthusiasm @ifarmgirl!
Happy Hive Birhtday 🎉

Would be great to know who received this badge currently. Who was there from day one?


Hive has showed that it's been victorious indeed through a strong willpower and determination for growth and development.

Hive had been developing lives, and still is, celebrating 7 years of such impact to humanity is no small achievement. It's more of a blessing.

Happy birthday Hive

Fully agree. Happy Hive Birthday @kilvnrex 🎉

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Happy birthday baby Hive! Out here changing lives 😍

Thank you @winniecorp. Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

Happy 7th Hive Birthday! 🎉🎉

Happy Hive Birthday @littlebee4 🎉

Thanks a lot @hivebuzz team 🎉😎
Have an awesome new week ☀️🐝

History does not die. I love reading history, it helps one to know and understand what he is doing or about to do very well. Hive has recorded a lot of success since they left the old fork. I am greatful to go for those great heroes who stood up for progress and success. Thank you all. Long live Hive.

You are right @ijelady, history plays a crucial role in understanding our present and shaping our future.
Long live to our heroes and Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

Long live our heroes, long live hive blockchain, long live to all who stood by hive for this past 7 years. I am looking forward to see when you @hivebuzz will tell me happy anniversary, lol

Happy 7 years! A long history marked by struggles and conquests! Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you @shiftrox. Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

Happy Birthday Hive

I wish you a very happy 7th birthday from the bottom of my heart. Surely your future journey is very successful. I also bless that successful journey from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you @templeflower. Happy 7th Hive Birthday 🎉

We are very happy to celebrate Hive's seventh birthday.

Thank you @mdabdulmomin. Happy Hive Birthday 🎉


Thank you @zer0requiem. Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

Happy happy cumpleaños 🎂

Feliz Hive Cumpleaños @alegnairam 🎉

Wow... what a story, this shows that when you want you can achieve many things and make a difference in the blockchain, so it's 7 years that really embellishes the platform, I'm just going for 3 years but it has been an unforgettable experience to see all the growth that has been obtained, I love creating content and I will continue to do so. I wish all the success to the platform.

To infinity and beyond.


Congratulations @hivebuzz and a thousand thanks for the excellent work you do and the continued support for everyone at #Hive!!!!.... You are a great team!!!


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I didn't expect that Hive started from a long time ago and still standing today!

Happy 7th Hive Birthday. 🥳

Happy Hive birthday @jpatrick28

Hola @hivebuzz, muchísimas felicidades a Hive en su 7 mo. Aniversario. Una espectacular colmena donde todos convergemos para hacer nuestros sueños realidad: crear contenidos de valor. ¡Que sigan los éxitos y que siga la fiesta! 💃🥂 ❤️

I am able to learn something new means the history about this platform. It seems still I need to know more about this platform and I have a lot of things to learn.
Happy 7th hive 😉.

Hi @intishar, we're glad you found the history of the platform interesting! There's always more to learn and explore on Hive.
Happy Hive birthday to you too!


Muchas gracias @ramaco54

З Днем Народження, Вулик!🇺🇦
Happy Hive Birthsday🎂🐝

З Днем Народження @rgnrc2023 🎉

Felicitaciones, congratulations

Happy 7th birthday Hive!! I couldn’t be happier of being here!! Thanks a lot for this amazing family behind the screen!!

Happy Hive Birthday @belug 🎉

7 happy years together with Hive and its all beautiful people!
Thank you for reminding us about important dates!


Happy Hive Birthday @irisworld 🎉

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Felicidades por este 7 aniversario. Dios les siga bendiciendo para que cumplan muchos mas

Feliz Hive cumpleaños @lasembradora 🎉

Beautiful and motivating post, loved the factual story. Greetings and congratulations to the birthday boys. 😊

Thank you. Happy Hive Birthday @damarysvibra 🎉

Now I know and thank you for the detailed story about it. It happened in the same week 20/24 March, I can't deny the part of the history and how it changed me. I love both but I am now focus in hive😍😍😍

Happy Hive Birthday @olivia08 🎉

Happy 7th Birthday Hive. I am thankful that I am now part of this community.To more years to explore the Blockchain world

What a wonderful friend, I have been here for a week or so and I already feel at home, it is a very beautiful place, I love it. 🙌🏼😁

We are glad to hear that you're enjoying your time on Hive! Your feedback is a testimony to the welcoming and supportive community that has been built over the years. As you continue to engage with others and explore the platform, we are sure you'll find even more reasons to love it. Keep sharing your thoughts, experiences, and passions with us, and enjoy your journey on Hive! 🐝😊

que bueno aprender algo de esta gran historia de Hive feliz cumpleaños ❤️❤️❤️

Happy birthday to Hive. Happy anniversary