The Hive Gamification Proposal for 2021

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What is Hivebuzz?

HiveBuzz is a project that is designed to bring gamification to the Hive blockchain by:

  • tracking users' activity and achievements
  • notifying them of their progress
  • organizing contests and challenges
  • interacting personally with users

Users are rewarded with virtual badges or with HIVE/HBD tokens when there is a prize pool associated with a contest or challenge.

Users can check their achievements on the HiveBuzz Website and look up their ranking to compare themselves to others on the Ranking page.

The HiveBuzz project has been initiated more than 3 years ago by @arcange, a now renowned actor of the Hive ecosystem. HiveBuzz is one of the oldest projects on the platform that is still alive, and from the very beginning, it was appreciated and got very positive feedback from Hive users.

Work done

Since the introduction of our current proposal, we have not been idle.

The past few months have been a bit of a roller coaster ride as several team members have been directly or indirectly affected by covid. Either way, that didn't stop us from doing our job.

We have created several new badges, among them:

These badges have been made available on our shop so you can customize them and put them on your favorite items.

We updated the regular author badges in order to motivate authors to stay committed.

We also updated the HiveBuzz ranking with new key values.

We have set up an API server that allows third-party applications and developers to connect with HiveBuzz and query its data. This is what allowed front-ends like and to display user levels on their profiles and the badges they have earned.

Since August, we have added our personal touch to the Hive Power Up Day by creating the now famous Power Up Day Badge.

We then added the different Power Up levels in September.

One month later, we have raised the bar by introducing the concept of Power Up Helper which aims to strengthen the notion of community and mutual aid on Hive.

And, last but not least, we are actively preparing fun things for the coming HiveFest⁵ event. We already released the attendee badge and we continue to work to be ready for December 18th.

Existing proposal renewal

The aim of this proposal is to extend the current proposal, which expires at the end of this year, for the year 2021.

We don't want to stop there and want to be able to continue to implement the many ideas we have in store.

We have already been working for some time on a quest project that should see the light of day early next year. These quests would aim to introduce users to the many features of the blockchain other than posting and voting.

We are also working on fun activities focused on communities because we believe this is a key factor for the onboarding and retention of users.

We would also like to extend our graphic charter (to other ecosystems such as Leo Finance for example).

Request for Funding

Our past experience allows us to have a clear view of our needs for the future.

Compared to the current proposal, our budget should not vary that much. However, given the projects under development and our roadmap for the next year, we anticipate an increase in workload and infrastructure costs.

Considering these elements, we are asking for 165 HBD per day for the coming year 2021.

We are committed to keeping you informed about our activities and, as we did during the previous funding, we will do a regular report of the work carried out and project status.

Support This Proposal!


Keep this up and running in 2021 is definitely what most would like to see, showing how one gains momentum on an individual level keeps Hive motivated.

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That's right, totally agree

It's a no-brainer. One of the most important projects. Voted.

Thank you so much @oliverschmid

You got my vote! The gamification is a must imo.

Se nota que lo que profesan, lo van cumpliendo a total cabalidad. Thanks a lot to @hivebuzz

Thank you for your unfailing support @eliasseth, really appreciated!

Thank you @traciyork. Working with you for the PUD is a great pleasure.
Your support makes us warm at heart.

Hey @hivebuzz, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Voting done, of course 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Hey dear @hivebuzz. You serve as a means of encouragement and motivation, especially to us newbies. Also reminding us of our achievements, so we stay grateful and consistent. I have supported your project. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for your support @peaq, much appreciated!

You are welcome

Por supuesto que tienen mi voto.¡Gracias por la eficiencia!

Muchas gracias por su apoyo @numa26, es muy apreciado. 😉👍

This is amazing, I have been saying this all along. Since I started. We need gamification!! Full support here. Voted

Well, thank you so much for your support @mimismartypants, really appreciated! 😊😊😊

Cuentan con mi apoyo y con mi voto @hivebuzz

Muchas gracias por su apoyo @ismarysanton16, es muy apreciado.

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Muchas gracias por su apoyo @wayuu-reg, es muy apreciado.

You got my vote! Thanks for your work!

Well, thank you for your unfailing support @arhat, really appreciated!

Happy day :)

I'm supporting this regardless, but I'm interested in hearing about some of the things you want to implement this year. Do you have a post you can point me to?

We are going to make an announcement about new features soon.

Awesome! I'm looking forward to everything that rolls out on hive this year. Feels like the winds of change are blowing our way. 😊

I am an international Gamification designer wanting to help with this project.
Can we connect and talk about it, @hivebuzz ?

You can contact @arcange on Discord or Telegram

I agree completely.

This sounds great!

Llegué hasta aquí, pero veo que es del año pasado, @hivebuzz
¿Es también para el 2022?

Okay, I decided to vote for you.
I came here. I now have FOUR TABS OPEN searching for VOTE FOR PROPOSAL button, but I cannot see such and animal now, ANYWHERE.

You are making it VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME
I have "vote for this proposal on' open
I have "Vote for this proposal on' open

I REFUSE to try Hivesigner.

So now @hivebuzz, the ball is in your court. if you want my ONE MEASLEY vote for support, SHOW ME HOW (this is ridiculous)