Feedback from the November 1st Hive Power Up Day

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This November edition of the Hive Power Up Day has once again been amazing.

It was fun to see that people still responded even though we were unable to introduce anything new for this edition. We have seen a lot of participation and buzz on Twitter with the #HivePUD or #HPUD tags.

A few words from the PUD organizers


Going into Power Up Day this month, I fully expected it to be a much quieter event, given all the lingering hard fork headaches (as well as the disconcerting dip). While I don't have any official numbers yet, I do know I was stupendously surprised when I found over 100 posts to upvote!

Seeing so many people still so enthusiastic about building (and hodling their Hive even when the price drops - I saw a number of people saying they were excited to be able to buy more at discount prices!) is an amazing reminder that we're not just a bunch of people with the same coin in their wallets. We're a wicked awesomesauce and passionate community, and it was so cool to see it in action yet again.

Thanks again to the HiveBuzz team for being a big part of the reason there's such a buzz about supporting our blockchain home!


As always, I'm impressed to see how users from the Hispanic community who find in Hive a way to support their families still participate in and power-up what sometimes looks like a small amount to others but could be a plate of food to them.
This makes me feel proud of my community! ❤️

What are the PUD stats of this month?

As for the previous month, let's start first with data about Power Up Helpers.

We have 26 users (~8% of participants) who have made a power-up to another account and have thus allowed 33 other users to have their PUD badge.

Once again, there were people helping several accounts!

Kudos to @fraenk (3), @scorer (3), @abh12345 (2), @immanuel94 (2) and @jossduarte (2).

Together, the helpers gifted 1331.065 HIVE!

The most generous are @blocktrades (686,017), @condeas (100), @french-tech (100), @immanuel94 (97,29), @fraenk (30), @scorer (30), @jossduarte (30), @abh12345 (25), @cryptictruth (25), @hooiyewlim (24,538), @dannewton (20), @melinda010100 (20), @bashadow (11,11), @muscara (11,11) and @ybanezkim26 (11).

They all gave more than the minimum 10 HIVE required.

A huge thank you to them all for their generosity! Show them some love by upvoting one of their recent posts.

Among all the above-mentionned users, 13 of them helped at least one less powerful user who never got any power-up from anyone. These benefactors got the so coveted Power Up Helper badge:

Congratulations to @jacobtothe, @kubak, @stayoutoftherz, @cryptictruth, @scorer, @ybanezkim26, @death-and-taxes, @melinda010100, @reiseamateur, @maruskina and @laloretoyya!

Let's now compare with the previous editions of the PUD.

No record this month, but an honorable number of participants: 328 users made a power-up or helped someone else to power up. This is great!

Although the generosity was there, as we saw above, the power-up totals declined slightly.

So take a look at what happened with the distribution of power-ups:

As you can see, the major changes are in the middle.

We had fewer users doing small power-ups (which explains the decrease in the number of participants).

On the other hand, the number of users who have made a 100 HIVE power-up is constantly growing. which seems to indicate that this is the ideal value that everyone wants to power-up at the beginning of the month.

The Jumbo-Bee seems however to remain very attractive for some.

Become a Sponsor

Some amazing members of the Hive community are supporting the PUD by providing the event with prizes like delegations or giveaways. Another very appreciated way to motivate people to join.

More information on @traciyork's post.

If you want to become a sponsor of the PUD project as well, please get in touch with her.

See you soon

We look forward to seeing you again next month. This time it is promised (hopefully no more hardfork or covid issue to disturb us), we should present you the novelties that we have prepared for you.

See you on December 1st for the last PUD of 2020!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Glad to see that with @bashadow there was another person that thought "10 Hive is so boring, let's make it an interesting 11.11 Hive!" :)

Yeah, that was my thought also. I have been trying to go in order, I want the next big bee badge, but at 500 Hive, I might be a bit short next month, but hopefully I can get some good rates selling blurt, and buying hive on Ionomy.

He he, 111.11 would be even funnier, isn't it? 😀

Thanks for the HELPER badge and for teaching me how to send powered up Hive! I had never taken time to learn how to do that before!

Glad you could lean it in a funny way @melinda010100

are there any difficulties with it? I wanna do it next time too!

No difficulties! It was simple and easy as powering up to send powered up Hive! Instead of powering up to your own account you put someone else's name in the box. Then Hivebuzz does all the work!

uh, I apparently imagined it in same way, thought it would not have any obstackles on the way. I have one or two FL-contributors in mind :P

You could also delegate to FL. And then do a post and try to win a delegation for the Community account!

I delegated... and delegated... and delegated. and will delegate more, probably adding each month a little. nobody cares. looks like I am the only person who is intrested in it. btw, I checked the f-friends wallet, and - voyla! - discovered two folks who wanted to contribute back. so sweet! the amounts are not great, but damn, it indicate the attitude! that matters... heh.

!ENGAGE 20 to you, Melinda.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Definitely this Power UP day will have really brought me a lot of fun & surprise 🤣 When I did my Power Up Helpers, I never thought I would be mentioned in a list of the most generous and in 3rd place 😊🍾 Thanks for the fun 👍

Witness FR - Gen X - Geek 🤓 Gamer 🎮 traveler ⛩️
Don't miss the Hive Power UP Day! more info here

Thank you for your help to others and generosity @french-tech. You deserve to be mentioned for it.

the next level is going to be a tough one for me, but I am certainly going to try to get the level 4 bee badge next month. It might take me a while to get the really big guy, but even it I will try for in 2021.

Good luck @bashadow. See you December 1st

Considering the number of active users a few hundred powering up great. Not everyone can afford to though. We need to keep pushing!

Hive five!

We will do! See you in December

I found a healthy vice in winning badges, and the HPUD is an incredible opportunity to play, and grow as a community and platform.

Thank you for creating this fun space

That's awesome! Congratulations everybody!

I have no clue about this. A power up would have been a great help

I have a suggestion,there is 5 levels of how big your stake is right. Well why not take it further to encourage power ups and make each step feel not so huge like dolphin to orca, orca to whale etc.

each fish could have 3 levels or so like splinterlands and other games, like gold 1, 2, 3.

So orca is 50k, you could have 3 levels,50k,200k,350k,to feel like more of an achievement and make each jump feel less huge.

just an idea.

I did a post when I powered up to 30k back on Steem with some alternative suggestions for the ranks based on stake - not sure these would take off but I do like the smaller gaps between each and having more badges? Count me in!

Here's some suggestions from that post with slight modification to what I put in the original post from what you said which might be cool (although I think things are based on vests rather than HP exactly so these are ball park figures):

  • 0-99 - Plankton
  • 100 - 499 - Redfish
  • 500 - 2,499 - Minnow
  • 2,500 - 4,999 - Sturgeon
  • 5,000 - 19,999 - Dolphin Mark I
  • 20,000 - 34,999 - Dolphin Mark II
  • 35,000 - 49,999 - Dolphin Mark III
  • 50,000 - 149,999 - Orca Mark I
  • 150,000 - 299,999 - Orca Mark II
  • 300,000 - 499,999 - Orca Mark III
  • 500,000+ SP - Whale

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then, we probably will have numbers like 5-10-20 participants a month? and it would be zero for whales... for years :P too frustrating experience, imo...

The Jumbo-Bee seems however to remain very attractive for some.

Yes that would be me haha! Finally managed to get that big mofo after scooping some cheap HIVE off the market! Great to see people get involved and blocktrades powering an account up to whale?! That's quite some generous help LOL!

Thanks for the initiative and badge keeping, let's see if we can get more on the 1st December - early Christmas present hey!

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I'm more interested to know who that lucky account is!!!

Haha I think it might be a typo and a decimal point rather than a comma but the thought of someone getting powered up to whale was very intriguing 😃


Oh!! Must be those Europeans again!!!! No wonder we want to leave them 😂🤣😂🤣

LOL! You savage!!

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Great post thanks for sharing @hivebuzz have an awesome day

I found myself right in this growing middle part, i.e. in the trend (327 HP instead of 190 HP in October). This were my pure monthly totals, all liquids were invested in PUD...

hello very good post

Congratulation hivebuzz