Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 12

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The Hive Power Up Month has now been running for 12 days. Let's see how things have been going so far. We have lost participants along the way, but some are hanging on to get their PUM badge.

For those who missed it, you can read the announcement here.

Above all, do not flinch

Day by day it seems harder and harder for the participants to stay committed.

We have repeatedly seen posts from participants who accidentally forgot to power up or change their post's payment method. This challenge is decidedly ruthless.

As of writing, 37 users are still eligible for the PUM badge. And they still have to hold out for 18 days! How many of them will get there?

List of eligible ones

Here is the exhaustive list of those who have not failed so far:

Congratulations to @ackza, @arcange, @awah, @breelikeatree, @brianoflondon, @cezary-io, @cursephantom, @dbooster, @definethedollar, @doofus, @engrave, @fedesox, @frugalgamer, @fullcoverbetting, @gtg, @hivebuzz, @holoferncro, @idea-make-rich, @keco, @krakonos, @menzo, @mmckinneyphoto13, @music1sound, @nenio, @nftmart, @podping, @pvmihalache, @qwerrie, @r0nny, @ricestrela, @romanie, @sagesigma, @savvyplayer, @taskmaster4450, @ultratrain, @v4vapp and @wrestlingdesires.

Up to now, you are the few ones who will get the PUM badge.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


¡Wuao @hivebuzz! , quedamos muy pocos, solo espero no olvidarme los días pendientes por encender.

Que la energía suprema nos acompañe a todos lo que seguimos activos

Un fuerte abrazo, saludos, bendiciones y éxitos.

Wuao @hivebuzz! We are very few, I just hope I don't forget the days left to turn on.

May the supreme energy be with all of us who are still active.

A big hug, greetings, blessings and success.

The Power (up) you must use @keco

Hola, disculpa pero me puedes explicar q significa esto? Me apareció en un comentario en mi publicación. Saludos.

May I know what day I missed for the Power Up Month challenge? 😮 I post everyday (following the UTC time zone) and have the rewards of at least one of my posts each day Powered Up 100%. 🥺

Looks like there was an error in the list of accounts. It's been updated and you're indeed still in.
Sorry about that and good luck @savvyplayer

Thanks for the reply! 😀

I thought that I forgot some rule in the contest which made me fail the challenge! 😅

I'll continue to power up everyday unless some family emergency distracts me during my evening Hive time. Here's hoping nothing comes up!

Good luck 37 !

Well I totally missunderstood, I thought all you needed to do was power up at least 1 hive in the day range to get the badge, rather than a power up everyday. Oops. I read guude, lol.

Misreading the rules leads to fatal error! Sorry @erialos

ha! that would be too easy. 🙃

Thanks...sticking it to here (I hope!)

You did it very well till now. Good lock @sagesigma


haha, I feel stalked! but in a good way, like it is a race, indeed :))))

Hehe, no way we let you go. We are waiting for you at the finish line 🏁

one day of accidental powercut in a city, and I may leave the race ;))))

Looks like it will be a pretty exclusive badge. I need to check the rules to see if I could get it some time.

A pretty exclusive badge it will be! Checking the rules you must!

This is so exciting!!! Will it be a monthly event? Or a special event?

As already mentioned, we will evaluate how the challenge unfolded at the end and see what will happens next. Stay tuned.

Either way I plan to be among the first to own one :) I won one of the @comet.ranker prizes which enables me to power up a hive if my post flops - which has happened a couple of times this week 😂

A few days ago... 48... now... 37... wait a minute... what happened? XD

I failed... I was busy one day and forgot to power up.

Sorry to read that @shmoogleosukami. 😢
Busy guys shall often forget something.
See you at the next edition and thank you for participating in this one.

Keep at it guys you can do it!

Thank you for supporting @lv99-rd-chocobo

I've got my alarm set everyday so I don't miss a day! This has been a fun challenge, but def gotta keep on it and don't forget! eeek! Here's hoping I can make it the rest of the way!!

Hive Power Up Month Reminder

I'm a newbie would have love to participate...I guess I'm late..??

There will surely be a next edition or similar challenge where you can participate @ijohnsen

Okay looking forward to it.. thank you

I thought I got all days :( do you mind checking which one got missed ? Anyway it was a fun challenges, I will try again next time.

Look like you did your powerup every day but on 2021-09-12. Sorry about that 😢

Thanks @hivebuzz my name @ricestrela

Woww!!! que paso? me equivoque en algo? que no salgo en la lista :(

Thanks nivebuzz