Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 7

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The Hive Power Up Month has now been running for 7 days. Let's see how things have been going so far. We have lost participants along the way, but some are hanging on to get the PUM badge.

For those who missed it, you can read the announcement here.

Harder and harder to stay committed

After an excellent start on HPUD day, it has become more and more difficult to stay committed to the challenge for many of you.

We assume that the reasons are the current crypto-economic situation which has been anything but stable since the start of this challenge. It might not have been the best time to launch it.

Anyway, life is life and, for those who are committed flesh and blood, we will continue this first edition to the end.

Let's see how things have been going so far with an updated graph:

We can almost speak of a bloodbath (a bit like what is happening today with the price of cryptos). As of writing, 48 users are still eligible for the PUM badge! The day is not over and there are still a few hours left for the 16 additional users from yesterday to make up for it.

For the majority, elimination is often due to forgetting to do a post with 100% power-up (changing habits takes time) or a power-up. For others, it is too strong a temptation to do a powerdown after the recent HIVE price increase.

List of eligible participants

Since there are now fewer people on this list, we can mention them without the risk of tag spamming.

Congratulations to @ackza, @ahmadmanga, @ahmadmangazap, @amidank, @arcange, @awah, @bitcoinflood, @breelikeatree, @brianoflondon, @cursephantom, @cyfc.prometheus, @dbooster, @definethedollar, @doofus, @engrave, @fedesox, @forykw, @frugalgamer, @fullcoverbetting, @gecata, @gtg, @hivebuzz, @holoferncro, @idea-make-rich, @keco, @krakonos, @malomi, @menzo, @mmckinneyphoto13, @music1sound, @nenio, @nftmart, @podping, @pvmihalache, @qwerrie, @r0nny, @ricestrela, @romanie, @sagesigma, @savvyplayer, @shmoogleosukami, @taskmaster4450, @tgc, @ultratrain, @v4vapp, @walterjay, @winelay, @ykretz.sports.

Up to now, you are the few ones who will get the PUM badge.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Hola @hivebuzz, espero estés bien.

Debo comenzar diciendo gracias por tomarte tiempo para realizar este comentario, adicionalmente debo manifestar que alcanzar esta insignia ha significado programar mi alarma y hacer un papel visible para no olvidarlo el trajín de mi día a día (ja,ja,ja). Estar entre los 48 participantes me pone nerviosa pero me impulsa a no olvidarlo, espero nada se interponga en el objetivo propuesto y podamos los 48 ser merecedores de este nuevo distintivo personal.

A todos, felicidades por estar activos en la dinámica, esperemos sea un mes de grandes éxitos y bendiciones..



Hi @hivebuzz, I hope you are well.

I must start by saying thank you for taking the time to make this comment, additionally I must say that achieving this badge has meant setting my alarm and make a visible role not to forget the hustle and bustle of my day to day (ha,ha,ha). Being among the 48 participants makes me nervous but it makes me not forget it, I hope nothing stands in the way of the proposed objective and that all 48 of us can be worthy of this new personal badge.

To all, congratulations for being active in the dynamics, let's hope it will be a month of great success and blessings...


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Wow, this is absolutely amazing and the best way not to forget anything.
Well done @keco 🌹

And for the record I could have written a Python script but I didn't. I'm pushing buttons in Hive Keychain.

Good boy! 👍

I never thought of that I will get something like this ^^" Thank you Hive community and Hivebuzz who give me a chance to get this badge and @risingstargame who become the inspiration for my posts >< Long life HIVE~
I was powering up just for resource credit tbh ^^" investment about staking is not in my mind rn...

I was powering up just for resource credit tbh

When utility meets fun. 😉
We wish you success with this challenge @cursephantom

Power Up Month is a great addition. But I just noticed the post, guess I'll have to que up for next month.

Sorry to read you missed the train. The next edition might indeed be the one for you...

Good luck all.. Best Wishes!

Saludos mi gente bella de @hivebuzz, los felicito por su trabajo al igual que a los que están en la lista. Actualmente estoy haciendo power dow para para terminar de construirle un hogar a mis hijos, me siento feliz por eso, Pero sigo comprometida con la plataforma y se que me volveré a recuperar, por ahora la sonrisa de mis hijos vale mucho y seguiré aquí luchando por un mejor porvenir para ellos. Quería saber algo. Cada cuanto tiempo dsn estas insignias? ¿Cada mes?

Gracias por tu comentario @mariajruizb.
Esta es la primera edición del Power Up Month. Una vez finalizado, haremos una evaluación y decidiremos cómo continuamos este experimento (modalidad, frecuencia, etc ...).
Por lo tanto, probablemente tendrá una respuesta más precisa a sus preguntas en nuestra próxima publicación sobre este tema.
Buen dia.

¡Wow! 😁 I'm so nervous and excited to be among the 48 participants, let's hope I can make it to the end, I'm still in competition, I feel like I'm in a reality show! 😂 Un abrazo 🤗🌼


Hola @malomi me identifiqué con tu gif, me reí mucho... así también me sentí al verme en este listado jejeje que compromiso.

Saludos y suerte.

Hi @malomi I identified with your gif, I laughed a lot... I also felt the same way when I saw myself in this list hehehehe what a commitment.

Greetings and good luck.

Guao! 😁 bueno por lo menos no soy la única que siente la presión 😂 y más cuando te dicen que siguen pocos... No quiero perderme en el camino u olvidar de ponerlo a 100% hive power 😅

Dígame si no sigues el reto y después dicen, los últimos participantes que lograron completar el challenge aparte de la insignia por su esfuerzo se les premiará adicional con un incentivo en HP o HIVE... Y tu ya uno no esta... PLUFF 😂

Sigo en el día 8, espero que tu también... 😀😍


jejeje ese escenario seria lamentable, mejor nos mantenemos activas por si acaso nos premian doble jejeje.

Yo también sigo en el día 8,


jajajaj :) me contenta enorme que estés en el día 8, fuera de bromas uno de los mejores premios es saber que si se puede tener la constancia de publicar todos los días, apostar por hive, tu fuerza de voto y la insiiiiigggnia... Cualquier reconociendo adicional seria agradable 😀

Nos vemos mañana en el día 9 programa tu alarma... 🤗

chicos @hivebuzz Florecitas para ustedes 😃 🌼🌻

Flores para ti también @malomi 🌹🌹🌹

jejeje eso está más que programado... Yo activé mi dinámica con power-up porque publicar todos los días es sumamente difícil para mi por mis dinámicas cotidianas.

Nos vemos mañana Dios mediante en el día 9 .

Un fuerte abrazo.

jajaja okok :) espero que sigas en el reto, ya vamos por el día 11 ❤️ saludos 😀

I simply do not receive enough liquid rewards to participate. I do get over 1 HIVE a day in curation rewards, but those rewards are automatically powered up. With the recent price increase, (basically at the $0.50 level), liquid rewards pretty much dried up for any post. Dollar wise I may get more on the few post I make, but I get a lot lot less HIVE.
curation first to seventh.png
With curation being auto powered up (23.658), my vote power continues to increase thus my curation rewards. If it were not auto powered up then I might be tempted to ship some of it to Hive-Engine so the auto power up for myself is good.

Still one day I may be able to get that badge, like the 1000 HP level Bee Badge, it is just temporarily out of reach.

You do not need that much reward to participate. Just use the 100% HP payout mode for your posts.

I am not an everyday poster. I do comment every day, I do vote every day, and every day I get curation rewards of 1 plus Hive. Those curation rewards are powered up automatically. If they were not then I would be able to manually power them up every day if I chose. I like having them auto powered up though, it removes the temptation to not power them up.

I'm one of the ones that completely derped out and forgot to switch the last post to 100% powerup XD

I also apparently don't actually understand how the PUM stuff works o_O

how the PUM stuff works

That's quite simple: power up every day, either directly (HIVE power up) or by daily posting with payout mode set to 100% HP

AAHHH I get it now, thanks :)

Best wishes to those trying. You are amazing!

can i ask if i can delegate my hp to other while im in Pum badge challenge? im new here.

Yes, you can do it and that not a problem for the PUM

sweet! thankyou for replying

Fantastico! ahora a esperar a ver! Estaré pendiente!

Saludos para todos, mucho éxito 🤗

Cool, hope to be eligible one day 😀