Bee ready for the 2nd Hive Power Up Month challenge!

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Last month, we initiated the first edition of Power Up Month. This new challenge was created to meet the demand of users who find it hard to collect enough HIVE to participate in Power Up Day at the end of the month and those who prefer to do regular power-ups in order to directly benefit from better curation.

The first edition had mixed success, with 594 first-day users, but only 28 who held on for a whole month (you read the challenge's feedback here).

However, we have to admit that we announced this new challenge late and that many of you were caught off guard and missed the start.

Let's go for another month

As announced in the challenge result post, the HiveBuzz team decided to take a break to think about the rules and the organization of the challenge.

After a long brainstorming, we decided to keep the same rules for the challenge. Indeed, these are simple and make participation in the challenge accessible to all. In addition, many already know them now and have organized themselves accordingly to succeed in the challenge.

How to get the Power Up Month badge?

This new PUM challenge will start on November 1st. It will last all month and here are the rules:

For each day of the month, you will have 2 options:

Option 1:

  1. you publish a post and set the payout mode to 100% HIVE.
  2. Your post must generate a payout to be eligible (i.e. get a few upvotes)
  3. You cannot upvote yourself

Using this option is also a good way to get the Monthly Author badge as well. ;)

Option 2:

  1. power up at least 1 HIVE.
  2. You cannot powerdown during the month.

This option is useful if have no idea what to write about someday or just aren't a blogger at all.

You can use either option, or both, and can switch from one to the other as the days go by.

HiveBuzz will use UTC date and time to validate post and powered-up dates. Therefore, check your timezone and convert your local time to UTC before doing so!

Strictly follow the above rules and this badge will be yours!

Badges will be distributed to the successful participants at the end of the Power Up Month.

Bee ready to Power Up!


I somehow didn't catch this challenge this month.
30 days are a real challenge, but I try to get this badge :o).

Hehe, we love challenging people. Good luck @freedomprepper

This time for sure I shall not fail!

Yeah, we can't for that @shmoogleosukami 😊👍

I plan to participate. We'll see if I can manage to keep track of the UTC date. I also aim to achieve a small PUD bee.

Best of both worlds @jacobtothe. Good luck with the PUM

It is hard to remember 30 days to power up. Couldn´t there be at least 1 missed day allowed? I am afraid that after 28 successful powerups or so I will forget...

A successful participant in the previous PUM challenge had the great idea to use a simple paper sheet with all the dates on it and check it every day.
Maybe this can be helpful to you.

had the great idea to use a simple paper sheet with all the dates on it

exactly so! that really helps to organize it ))))

I missed out last month due to the fact that I was new to hive and i was still trying to find my feet,but this time I will be happy and prepared to be part of it

Hopefuly you won't miss it this month @nana96. Good luck.

This month I am not going to be unprepared and I am going to participate. In fact, I found out very late and I started doing power up at the end of September, but in order not to lose the habit I have been doing power up during the whole month of November hahaha, I'm going after the ambulance. Today I have not been able to, I have problems with internet to generate the power up! I hope to be able to do it before the end of the day.

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We wish you good luck with the challenge @tibaire

Thank you very much!!!! i always exiting about power up challenge!

thanks for the information, I'm very happy to do power-ups,
but I'm a little complicated to do it because my post has no support / upvote.

I often see only big reports that often get a lot of curation.
i love power-ups

because my post has no support / upvote.
I often see only big reports that often get a lot of curation.

I noticed this on many people's posts. And also the lack of the real human comments.

This is because most people focus on creating content, instead of consuming content and caring about and supporting others. And there is also some kind of visibility problem on this platform. For example I noticed a post from a person I follow many days after the payout of the post. I also heard that the search system of Hive is broken.

I would recommend to interact with others more. Look for content that you are interested in, and write meaningful comments under them, engage in conversations.

I give you some !PIZZA to motivate you.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings from Hungary.


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I have always wanted to do this challenge by myself. But since I have seen this challenge, I’m ready for it.

Good luck with your participation in the challenge @rufans

This is an awesome challenge! It will develop discipline and dedication too :)

Thanks for bringing the challenge back! I will try for sure this month. With Thanksgiving approaching, I might plan a few travels though, hopefully I can get internet connections wherever I end up...

This sounds good to me and this is my first week ever on Hive.
Help me out with knowledge, connections, whatever YOU (yes the person reading this 😉)
Show me some love and show me The Way.







@chronziller, you've been given LUV from @hivebuzz.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

I am figuring this out, but intend to participate fully!

Looking forward to you participating in the challenge @tengolotodo

Am new to this community so I didn't get this challenge. How to power up my post? Or what I have to do for participating in this challenge?

@artxharpreet I think either write a post daily or at least power up 1 hive in 30 days.

Hola. Cómo hago para participar. Yo tengo 35 días publicando de manera continua y generando ganancias, pero quiero unirme a este reto y no sé cómo.

Por favor lea las reglas aqui.

What did power up mean? I know upvote.

Power up meaning staking your HIVE into HP to get more influence on the Hive blockchain governance and better curation rewards

Thank you have buzz. Does that mean pushing the + symbol in our wallet?

It depends on which wallet app you use

Which wallet app should I use?

Hello @hivebuzz, I have some questions. If I post starting today and set the payout mode to 100% and made another post in the same day but with 50%-50% payout , is it still valid? And this challenge count the Post starring on today's post onward until the 30th November right? Thank you.

Yes, it is valid to do 2 posts, one with 100% and the other with 50/50
Yes, the challenge starts counting posts from today.

Noted! Thank you!

This may be a silly question, but I want to get it right.
Are any frontends aloud? LeoFinance,,, or just ecency/ and peakd?
I don't know anything about the technical side of the blockchain, that is why I ask.

Yes, the front-end you use doesn't matter.

Hey - great initiative and I'm going to take part!

Just a quick clarification - when you say "you publish a post and set the payout mode to 100% HIVE."

you mean set Reward Payout to 100% Hive Power?
(at least that's what it's labelled as in PeakD)


set Reward Payout to 100% Hive Power?

Yes, that's correct (the label vary between front-ends)
Good luck with the challenge @tdctunes

Cool - thanks for clarifying - two more questions!

  1. Does it have to be a blog post or does any kind of post count? (e.g. my D.Buzz's aren't blog posts - so would they count?)

  2. Does it still count if there is a beneficiary but otherwise it's all HP? For example if I post a video on 3Speak or post a Vimm stream there is a beneficiary for a small percentage to 3Speak (11%) /Vimm (10%)

Q1: any kind of post.
Q2: Beneficiaries do not matter.

Awesome - thanks so much for clarifying!

Option one will be the best for me, that's way easier and I won't forget. I hope to be able to continue till the end.

Best of luck with the challenge @blezyn

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

This is awesome and I'm gonna try to get this badge!!

Good luck with the PUM challenge @successchar

Good, two questions, First, excuse my ignorance, but what does the badge do? and second, I have a power on, does it count?


Badges are for fun. PUD badge may entitle you to Hive Power delegation.
Unfortunately, if you have a powerdown running, then no PUM badge

ah. well, another time.

Am interested in it