Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 18

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The Hive Power Up Month has now been running for 18 days and we are close to two-thirds of the way. We have been a bit lazy lately in not providing regular feedback on the progress of this challenge. It must be said that HiveFest took up a lot of our time at the beginning of the month and that a short break was welcome.

For those who missed it, you can read the challenge announcement here.

How has it been so far?

As always, we have seen a strong start, mainly due to the growing participation in the Power Up Day.

But subsequently, we get figures quite similar to the previous edition with currently 39 users eligible for the Power Up Month badge. This still makes it 5 more than in the previous edition.

List of eligible ones

Here is the exhaustive list of those who can still claim to receive the PUM badge at the end of the month:

Congratulations to @awah, @arcange, @ayleenr, @bashadow, @beeber, @cezary-io, @coquicoin, @davidbright, @deepresearch, @definethedollar, @drugelis, @emeka4,, @fermionico, @forykw, @gecata, @hasan1981, @justclickindiva, @kolbjorn, @manuvert, @mmckinneyphoto13, @nikolina, @ricestrela, @rishi556, @sagesigma, @sammie, @savvyplayer, @sebbi87, @shinyobjects, @sunset.curator, @tawadak24, @tdctunes, @thecouncil, @tibaire, @traciyork, @ultratrain, @vanje, @wrestlingdesires and @ynwa.andree.

Congratulations to them because we all now know how much the PUM challenge requires endurance. Try not to fail over the next days.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Woohoo! I'm on track and hope to stay that way. #HivePUM Badge here I come!

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Yes! I was pretty sure I've done it right as any day where there has been the slightest doubt about whether my posts count (looking at you D.Buzz - still not sure if those count) I've been doing a manual power up too!

However - good to get the reassurance - thank you!

Basically my daily todo list for the month is:

  1. Take my meds
  2. Post something on Hive
  3. Power up!

So pretty damn high priority!

Wow, such a todo list. Glad we found the "power-up" ranked #3

There's usually a lot more on the list of course - but those are the top 3 for all of this month!

I'm glad am still eligible for the badge. All things being possible, I should get the badge.

Thanks for seeing me worthy of it..

Glad to see you are still eligible @davidbright


Congratulations to all of us who are still in it 👑

I am definitely going to do my best, the only thing that could stop me is an isp issue 😂


@hivebuzz! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Let's pray for your isp to do its job till the end of the month 🙏

Definitely 🙏 I am so happy with the way I'm growing my account from this initiative, by the way ❤️


WOW, I have made it this far. Hopefully I can make it to the finish line.
Good luck and success to all!

Waiting for you at the finish line @ynwa.andree 🏁

I'm glad to be in the list, I hope not to lose any day ahead!

Only a few days left. Hang on @tibaire!

Thank you for the update. I'll keep doing my best to get the badge :)

I'll try to keep up with it and get that badge! :D

Thank you for the update @hivebuzz !! I was really anxious if I am still eligible for the badge. Congratulations all who are still in it! 11days to go! We can do it! !PIZZA

Just do it @tawadak24! 😉

Thanks for the update! I wasn't entirely sure I was still in the race. I'm going for the badge this month!
Congrats to all still in it and good luck till the finish line!

Waiting you at the finish line @manuvert 🏁
Good luck!

Hello @hivebuzz. I almost fell off the wagon a couple days ago when out of town for the day. But I made it back home in time. I'm a bit throwed off with the change from Daylight Savings Time, but I'm adjusting.


Glad to see you're still in the race @justclickindiva. 👍

Good time to get PUM badge. I am on the way....

Glad for the update, and even gladder that I am still on track for the badge.

We are waiting for you at the finish line 🏁

Thanks for the update. If nothing goes wrong, I'll have the badge.😋

You're welcome. Hopefully everything will go right!

I really appreciate this. Keep up the good work


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Great!!! I hope I don't miss a day and follow up.... Thanks @hivebuzz ❤️

You're welcome @ayleenr

wow what did miss the not be on the list....hummm powered up 1 hive a day where did i go wrong?

Unfortunately, you forgot to power up on November 16 😢

oh bummer....maybe next month...thanks

This post made me realize that I missed a day! Thanks for the list of eligible ones. Guess I'll focus now on the next PUM xD I will have that badge one day!

Unfortunately, you forgot to power-up on November 3 and November 11.
Thank you for encouraging those who are still in.
See you at the next PUM

Well I'm going to powe up where the community supports about it?

This is really a nice update,at least everyone involved will know how well in the PUM.thanks so much

oh. seems this time I didnt make it. I wonder where... well, anyway. 😉

Unfortunately, you forgot to power up on November 9 😢

heh. 😉 the race continues without me, but I will spectate! 🤩

AWESOME I need directions on how to start

I missed the message on this! I will watch from here. :)