Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from day 10

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The Hive Power Up Month has now been running for 10 days. We are now about a third of the challenge so let's see how things have been going so far.

For those who missed it, you can read the challenge announcement here.

Goind steady...

We are slowly losing a few participants each day, but many are hanging on to get their PUM badge. For them, it has become more and more difficult to stay committed to the challenge.

Here is an updated graph:

In view of the latest results, it seems that there are 65 participants determined to add the first PUM badge of the year to their board.

But it is not yet over and the slightest oversight can be fatal over the coming days.

List of eligible ones

Here is the exhaustive list of those who can still claim to receive the PUM badge:

Congratulations to, @ahmadmanga, @ahmadmangazap, @alexvan, @arcange, @awah, @axel-mccornstack, @bashadow, @blitzzzz, @borjan, @brianhuang, @bulldog-joy, @cezary-io, @chapelle, @charsdesign, @circlebubble, @coquicoin, @cursephantom, @darrenfj, @davdiprossimo, @definethedollar, @forykw, @fotostef, @georgia11, @herbacianymag, @hivebuzz, @hykss, @ifarmgirl, @ihavethedream, @jang, @jbtc19warrior, @jomancub, @jychbetter, @keco, @kolbjorn, @manorvillemike, @manuvert, @marcinxyz, @mmckinneyphoto13, @photosnap, @pogier, @princekham, @pvmihalache, @reversehitler88, @ricestrela, @sagesigma, @savvyplayer, @sebbi87, @serhotest, @stayoutoftherz, @steemmillionaire, @steevc, @taskmaster4450, @tdctunes, @tengolotodo, @tferris, @traciyork, @trezzahn, @ultratrain, @vanje, @vickoly, @winly, @xels, @xgerard and @ynwa.andree

Up to now, your are the few ones who may get their badge.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

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Wohoo - it's really nice to get these motivational posts to confirm I'm still in!

I'm doing great so far - if I do a main blog post I 100% power it up and if I do some other kind of post like a video, dbuzz or stream I always power up 1 hive as well just to be sure. (I actually think the videos (3speak) and streams (vimm) would count as I've also set them to 100% power up but I don't think you an do that with Dbuzz.

Either way I make sure to cover my bases - the more powering up the better especially if I am to reach my 2022 goal of getting to 10,000 HP by the end of the year!

Thanks again @hivebuzz !

Yay, I'm still in there! Thanks for the update. Way too easy to forget one day. I should set up some alarms or something.
Good luck to everyone.

I have a daily todo list and powering up is at the top of it!

Good luck with the rest of the month!


I'm usually not that organized, but maybe I need something like that. !lolz
Thanks and good luck to you as well!

I've been through a lot of different organisation systems such as various todo list apps.

For being organised without it becoming a chore I recommend a simple single note (I'm using SimpleNote right now but anything will do - including paper!)

And then I have a short list with anything from 3-10 items on it. And I write DONE next to them when they are done.

For some reason for me this beats all the more complicated options out there.

An atom walks into a bar and says I think I lost an electron in here
Bartender: Are you positive?

Credit: theabsolute
@tdctunes, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @manuvert
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Glad we are still on. Cheers everyone! Keeping on💪

😊🌹 Thanks for your nice motivation @ifarmgirl!

Thank you too :)

There are 20 days more to go! Thank you for the update and the reminder.

Maybe there is some dev in here, that can build a tool for a recurring powerup.

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Thank you for these updates! They definitely help keep motivated!



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65 people 😅 Keep going~
Power up or post 100% HP as rewards every day (reset at 00:00 UTC) 🎉
Go for it 🔥

I'm in the race! 💪

The biggest problem for me is that i cant save 100% in ecency and i forgett it. And i forgott to powerup because i didn't know that I forgott it.

I'm still plodding along with a one a day power up.

Que bueno verme aun en la carrera, gracias @hivebuzz por mantener el entusiasmo de esta gran dinámica .

saludos, bendiciones y éxitos para tod@s

Bendiciones amigos..

I'm still in there! Thanks for the update 🌹💪

Wow i made 8t to the top 60 list

Congrats, keep going! Wish I would have known about this event before.