Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from day 13

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The Hive Power Up Month has now been running for 13 days. We are approaching halfway through the challenge. Let's see how things have been going so far.

For those who missed it, you can read the challenge announcement here.

This is no time to flinch

Here is an updated graph of the number of participants:

Every day we still lose one or two participants. Oh yes, this challenge is ruthless and each oversight is harshly sanctioned. For those who are still in the running, now is not the time to flinch, you are almost halfway there.

For the moment, we still have 59 participants eligible for the PUM badge. Let's hope it will last until the end.

List of eligible ones

Here is the exhaustive list of those who can still claim to receive the PUM badge:

Congratulations to @ahmadmanga, @ahmadmangazap, @alexvan, @arcange, @awah, @axel-mccornstack, @blitzzzz, @borjan, @bulldog-joy, @cezary-io, @chapelle, @charsdesign, @circlebubble, @coquicoin, @cursephantom, @darrenfj, @davdiprossimo, @definethedollar, @forykw, @fotostef, @georgia11, @herbacianymag, @hivebuzz, @hykss, @ifarmgirl, @ihavethedream, @jang, @jbtc19warrior, @jomancub, @jychbetter, @keco, @manorvillemike, @manuvert, @marcinxyz, @mmckinneyphoto13, @photosnap, @pogier, @princekham, @pvmihalache, @ricestrela, @sagesigma, @savvyplayer, @sebbi87, @serhotest, @stayoutoftherz, @steemmillionaire, @steevc, @taskmaster4450, @tdctunes, @tengolotodo, @tferris, @traciyork, @trezzahn, @ultratrain, @vanje, @vickoly, @winly, @xgerard and @ynwa.andree

Up to now, you are the few ones who may get their badge.

Good luck to everyone who is still in the race!

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Powering up every day is a bit of a challenge for my brain. Here we see that it is able to rise to the challenge. 😂 Thanks for the challenge.

.... a bit of a challenge for my brain

Wow, is it making this challenge the first Proof of Brain challenge? 😀

I missed a day a few days ago, was just not well that day, but life goes on and there is always next month. I continue with the 1 a day power up, just so I can stay in practice.

Sad to see you forgot to power-up on January 12 😢
Good idea to continue to practice and to establish good habits.

Yes! Almost halfway there, so holding tightly! Cheers everyone! Let's all get to the finish line and get that lovely badge 😁

2 weeks are almost there and there are 59 left 😅. Keep strong who's still on the list 💪. I know we can do it


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Thanks for the update once again. Still in the race, I cannot miss this badge! Good luck everyone.

17 days more to go. Good luck to all that are still in the game. :)

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Wait, im out? When did that happen? :(
Oh well, still got enough raw hive to get the power up day badges the next 2 months should i have access to the internet both times.

Timing is your frenemy, you made 2 power-ups on January 12 and none on January 13

The first one at 2022-01-12 01:07:30 (UTC)
The second one 2022-01-12 23:59:21 (UTC)

You were a few seconds too fast!
This impatience costs you your eligibility for this month's challenge.
We are sorry for you @reversehitler88 😢

Ooof, 39 seconds. And of course on one of the days where i didnt also make a blogpost. Shame. But a bit funny as well.

Yes! Still in! Thanks for the update - well done to everyone so far let's keep it up!

Oh yes! I love powering up my liquid Hive 🙂💪

Thank you for the constant updates! This makes it way easier to stay on track! I'm already preparing for PUD!


I am, still not able to understand why I am not in the race?

Did you join from day 1? If not you have to join next month.

I joined from day 1.

I see. I just choose my post 100% power up because I cannot afford to power up 1 Hive a day. In your case, I am not sure why you are not counted in.

Because you made a power-up on January 1st only.

I’m not on the list, but I encourage anything that goes wrong to get the badge.