Introducing HiveBuzz Shop - Offer gifts with your favorite badges

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Have you never wanted to walk around proudly wearing one of the badges you received from HiveBuzz to impress your friends or to arouse curiosity? Have you ever wanted to give to your beloved (or yourself) a nice present?

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The HiveBuzz shop is open!

An incredible number of high-quality gifts of all types, sizes and colors are available to satisfy you. You can customize them to your taste and according to your desires. Not 100% happy? Just send it back within 30-days.

We offer multiple payment methods, multiple currencies, and worldwide delivery.

Special launch promo

As you know, Hive was born out of the desire to preserve values that are precious to us. Even today, we must fight to defend these values. The events that have taken place in recent days in the cryptosphere invite us more than ever to affirm how Hive is the truly decentralized alternative we have been waiting for.

Therefore, it is a good opportunity for us to present you with a first related design to apply on your gifts and at the same time to grant you a nice discount.

Note: The 15% discount promo is valid till 2020-06-07 23:59 UTC. Due to the very high demand, the discounts are not applicable to the protective mask (for now).

The shop is open here:

Support our proposal

HiveBuzz needs your support to continue providing gamification to the Hive blockchain.
Read our support our proposal. Thank you!


hihaa...just ordered my...what do you think...HIVE MASK 😂
Can't wait to commit my first robbery, uh, forget about that. I meant, can't wait to send in my selfie 😂

Haha!! Awesome!! Looking forward to see your picture!!! If you want also send it directly to me in discord: lizanomadsoul#6915

I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer...
Just checked my order again and it states....around the first half of July 🙄
I'm sure I'll have a lot of succes wearig it...when Corona has left the country 😂

Oh no!! that is so sad! What did you order?? i am so curious haha
well i hope things will get better for you guys soon! here boarders will open next week!... hopefully people are careful enough..
cheers, liz

I was about to spend my STEEM on HIVEBUZZ gear (sweet irony), but was disappointed to see they don't take crypto.

Yeah, I had a talk with the supplier. They do not accept crypto (for now) but are interested in it. Therefore, I proposed to help them to implement Hive payment. Future will tell...

Just ordered the mug.

Cool! We hope you will get it soon and enjoy it @mcoinz79

Believe me or not, this morning I thought it would be nice to have a T-shirt with a Hive logo and then I see this post ... just made an order and hope express means express ;)

Cheers and !BEER

Can't wait to see you wear it @johannpiber. Give us some feedback when received...

Well, I should let my son wear the shirts for a photo, because he looks more like a model than I do, but maybe the size L suits my body better ;) ... you will get some feedback, I promise 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Looking forward to it 😉

I have just got an E-Mail - my shirts will arrive next week 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Hey @hivebuzz, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

So, did you get your shirt yet?? waiting for the picture :D

Hm, I didn't make the shots yet which I wanted to make, but I made something different in the meantime: 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Nice one 😉 Feel free to send me more on my discord 🙂

We'll see, have a great week 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Hey @lizanomadsoul, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @lizanomadsoul, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

i dont seem to get notifications any longer, is there a way to turn it on?

Did you write STOP at some point @doitvoluntarily?

not on hive, but i did awhile back on steemit, is there a way to reverse?

yes, just write NOTIFY and it should come back.


"Ask And you shall receive", Matthew 77
Notifications are now enabled!

Interesting @hivebuzz

Glad you like it! Soon we will a post about all the items and features 😉 Feel free to check it out

Hola @hivebuzz, los felicito excelente idea.

Gracias @santoninoatocha! A ver cuantas personas lo van a usar 😉 Para mi que es muy bueno usarlo tbn en las fotos del blog p.e. en los viajes 😉

Are you going to add more designs to the clothes? E.g. smaller logos or logo/"Hive" on the back side, etc. .

Are you going to add more designs

Of course, we will!

If you want a different logo size or change the place where to print it, you can use the customization tool provided on the webshop.

thanks, I have missed that :)

You're welcome @stayoutoftherz 🙂👍

Very cool guys! Thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks for your kind words @badseedalchemist!
Let us know if you get an item, we are collecting pictures 😉😉
It would be very appreciated if you could support our proposal so we can keep up the good work!

I've upvoted this post @hivebuzz. I replied to your reply, the link thing you gave me:https//
Only yielded this

So I kept tooling around, removing and adding colon's etc.. I finally got it to work.
It appears to be just as you posted it, but when I copied and pasted that to the browser, I got the above