Time to go on your Hive Tour

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It's no secret that onboarding users is one of the keys to Hive's success. But newcomers can feel a bit lost at the beginning of their journey.

We thought a step by step tour of the Hive ecosystem was needed to show new users each feature, and familiarize them with the way our blockchain operates in a more interactive fashion.

This is why we've put together a new feature on our HiveBuzz site, to guide them in a fun and helpful way.

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Introducing the new Hive Tour

Check your board on hivebuzz.me to see the new tab we've added for each user.

How is the tour organized?

On the left side, you have a tree with all the "Stages" and "Steps" to be completed.

On the right side, there is a panel with the description of the item you've selected.

Note: If you are on mobile, click on the small question mark that appears next to each item and a popup with the description will be displayed.

Stages are a group of steps

In this example, this stage contains 3 steps, and none of them have been completed.

A step can be either:

  • active, meaning you can accomplish it whenever you want
  • locked, because you need to accomplish other stages before

In the above screenshot, the first one is activated and waiting for you to be completed. The second one is locked because you have to complete the previous one before it can be accessed. Same for the third one, which requires the two previous stages to be completed.

Each completed step will appear green and checked. When the whole stage is completed, it will turn green as well.

If a stage is partially completed, it will show you how many steps are left undone

NOTE: HiveBuzz doesn't process achievements in real-time. It does its work of collecting data and updating your steps and stages every hour. This should not prevent you from continuing to interact with the blockchain and complete other pending steps.

Available tour stages

We've released social stages first, designed to get you acquainted with your profile and the community.

Each step will help you set up your Hive profile, connect with the community, and understand the basics of the social aspects of the Hive ecosystem.

Here's the list of stages that we are releasing today:

  1. Configuring your profile
  2. Introducing yourself
  3. Engaging with people
    3.1 Curation
    3.2 Having a productive conversation
    3.3 Reblogs
    3.4 Following and Followers

There are more stages and steps that are ready to be released in the coming days, but we want to do this at a slow enough pace that we can take your feedback into account as we go. The goal is to make this Tour experiment as fun and motivating as possible for everyone.

What if you're an established Hive member?

Of course, with this new feature, the focus is put on people unfamiliar with our ecosystem. If you are a long time Hive user, chances are your tour is all green at the moment.

However be sure to check out our upcoming releases, as we may add things you don't know about Hive or features you've never used before.

What's next?

This is an early release and we still have many ideas we haven't fully implemented yet, including:

  • adding more social stages
  • the addition of finance, governance and other technical stages
  • the inclusion of links in the description pane to mini-tutorials

We also plan to add even more gamification in the future (yes, new badges are being considered), so stay tuned!

Feedback welcome

Let us know what you like or dislike and we will do our best to improve it. Any suggestions and constructive feedback are more than welcome.

Drop a comment or come talk with us on our dedicated Discord channel.

The HiveBuzz Team

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Nice, might see if this helps my family understand hive any better.

My witness node - Stream on Vimm.tv

Oh yes. It will be very interesting to collect their feedback!

Thanks for the interesting post. I wish you the best of luck!

Excellent initiatives and a motivational work that helps us continue with a firm step on the panel.
Happy Tuesday and many blessings :)

This is an awesome initiative! Bravo! 🙌 This post will definitely be bookmarked and shared with newbies in TheTerminal! 😃

Wow, thanks for your feedback @thekittygirl, that's kind! 😊🌹

could @hivebuzz add a progress bar for certain steps. like in "get 5 reblogs" can you show the reblogs completed

Very good suggestion @appukuttan66. Thank you.
We will check if it's not too resource-consuming to implement it.

Thank you for always making hive better and encurage us with new fun updates and things that helps new People to find their way here 🙏😊
This is Great way for new People to understand what hive is about and the best way to reach out and succeed.
As always...Great updates!

Have a wonderful week and Stay Awsome 🌹

Thank you @saffisara. Have a great week too ❤️

This was very much needed. Thank you so much for this new addition. Our many new users will benefit tremendously from this.

This is indeed the goal of allowing newcomers to better understand Hive.

Great updates this is really great I have completed all the task except the introduction one 😁


I don't think that this is now a time to make a introduction post that will more like a spam post 🤦‍♂️🙏

I disagree - do it and say it's late/overdue... you could make it fun knowing how to introduce yourself after you've been around for a while... and link back to this post... Why not?

ok I will try to do that but, most of the people will not support it for sure. thanks for the suggestion.

Well, you're welcome to tag me and I'll support you!

ok sure I will so it thanks for your favor it really means a lot to me 🙏

sorry to bother you again but what tags should I use in my introduction post 🤔

Make sure you use #introduceyourself

ok sir sure I will use that for sure thanks a lot for your help. 😀🙏

The key one: #introduceyourself
Pehaps your country and interests and then the communities you are part of.

And no bother!

Ok thanks for your support 😀,. i will do that .

You are great thanks 😀🙏

I guess a lot of users who forgot or didn't know about this habit of introducing themselves to the community will find themselves in the same situation.
That being said, better late than never 😉

agree you @hivebuzz , I haven't post much at time a9nd have no idea about all the things I will sure a post at the end of the week and sure mention you 😁🙏

Looking forward to read your post @bhattg

Aha thanks a lot for your support and encouragement 😀😁⁦❤️⁩🙏

Maybe also explain to newbies about downvotes. Some I know are easily discouraged by it - and there are quite a few @holes on this blockchain who do nothing but downvote posts for no legitimate reason. If it is a nobody you can ignore it, but if it is someone with a lot of HP it can quickly destroy a post that had garnered only a few small upvotes.

Downvotes are a tricky subject. There are pros and cons.
Our goal being to inform people, but also to invite them to turn words into actions, it seems difficult to include downvotes in the second part of this process.

Thanks for posting this! It is really informative, and I didn't know about this site.
The only thing I was missing is to get a reply from someone else!

It's a safe bet that thanks to this answer you may find the "get a reply" step completed. 😀

Haha thaaaank you

Sorry to say @hivebuzz, but it's my comment that will do the job! 😁

😂👏👏👏 thank you!

Very cool and useful, great work.

Great Blog to pass on, which I did, and also tweeted:

Thank you for sharing our post @thermoplastic

Wow this is great congratulations I will use it a lot. I'm not sure if I didn't read it because I was distracted but it seems to me that it's missing a warning that they must have a certain HP so that those actions don't leave their RC at 0.

Thank you @danielvehe
The vast majority of the proposed actions only consume little RC.
Either way, a user will have to invest a little bit if they want to become more active and interact more intensively with the blockchain.

I'm just thinking about the ones I bring, who don't even have enough to eat.😅 I'm still going to let them know 😛

Thank you for your Community work! 😎 Rebloged.

I love it.
Rebloged 💚

Apoyando estupenda idea @hivebuzz

Muchas gracias @sacra97

Very interesting because I am new and I am just getting to know the Hive ecosystem.

Hopefully the Hive Tour will help you to better how Hive works

Excellent! I've already sent it to two of my new recruits.

Turning words into action. Good job @apshamilton 👍

Thank you for this initiative!

Even I've been here for a few months, I'm still learning and this post has given me a good indication of what I still need to do... in terms of things I either didn't know about or just didn't think of yet.

I appreciate all the effort and hard work you do!

You're welcome @jacoalberts, thank you for your feedback 😊🌹

Love this! Great initiative Hivebuzz team! Now to check what I've completed 😃

All green ✅. Well done!

That's it, I've completed Hive 😀 well, not quite, just need the whale badge now 🐳

Hehe, we might add a new step: "Become a whale" 😈


Yeah, we hired that guy in our team! 😭


Nice idea! Just miss a last step: vote for at least 5 witnesses 😉

@mintrawa: Witness FR - Gen X - Geek 🤓 Gamer 🎮 traveler ⛩️
Don't miss the Hive Power UP Day! more info here

So impatient you are. Learning to wait you must.


😂 Good answer Master 😂

@mintrawa: Witness FR - Gen X - Geek 🤓 Gamer 🎮 traveler ⛩️
Don't miss the Hive Power UP Day! more info here

Excellent idea. This will really help noobs with what they need to do. I look forward to the tour's evolution.

Thank you @fionasfavourites. We will work hard not to disappoint you.

Wow! things have changed since I have been away!!!!! Looks great!

Thanks for your comment @xcountytravelers 😊

Another excellent idea from the @hivebuzz team, they are geniuses.

Congratulations, and me trying to make a good post 🤣😂.

Much needed initiative but I personally think , after they solve a particular step they should be delegated certain amount of HP. I'm not suggesting from you , maybe the dapp which onboarded the user . Change avatar - good you get 2 Hp delegation. Post - good you get 5 HP etc

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This is something we had thought about, but it could also be abused. But rest assured, we have other alternatives that we will share soon.

This is great, thank you!

Glad you like it @gatticus

This is great! And a beautiful way of presenting and guiding users through this tour of Hive.
My tour shows that I have not done an introduceyourself post. I know I did, but believe it was before introduceyourself became a tag! 😂

Thanks for your feedback @melinda010100 😉🌹

I just got here, so looks like I can try this out.

Yeah, give it a try and have fun

Anybody from outside Hive (and I shared this on Facebook, Twitter and Mix for example) should also be made aware of how to join Hive:

This is part of the "promotion" section we will develop later.

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Dear friend @arcange you know I am a fan BUT I want to respond. Not that I don’t like the new feature but let’s say people now see that they forgot their intro when they entered the platform, like 3 years ago. They now know the ropes make hive and have a journey in blogs published behind them. Dont you think they are robbing the reward pool at present from the people that need it, and entered with an intro? We see the abuse in the tag daily with @heyhaveyamet . We see that people use the tag multiple times ( some with intent some because they just don’t know that it’s to use when you enter the platform and one time use only ) so I think HIVE BUZZ and the HIVE TOUR can think about adding DECLINE to the introduceyourself blog made after for example a certain amount of months here or a certain amount of hp.
That way the reward pool is not robbed and it’s still “honest” to the new users. In the guidelines it’s know that an intro is a possible first step, not to make money but to present yourself to the platform, so DECLINE would be the fairest way to go.

No I go and check what I missed

Dont you think they are robbing the reward pool at present from the people that need it, and entered with an intro?

No, they aren't!

Posting using the #introduceyourself tag does not guarantee that your post will be upvoted and rewarded, unless there are dumb curators or misconfigured bots that blindly vote for such posts. But then the responsibility lies with the owners of those accounts, not the authors.

the HIVE TOUR can think about adding DECLINE to the introduceyourself...

I don't see the point of such a thing since we don't do any particular curation for these posts, nor do we pay special attention to people who do it multiple times. We just track if it's been done at least once.

Everyone is free to post what they want, when they want, using the tag(s) they want, and have any reward expectation for it. I see no problem with a Hive oldtimer that hasn't posted an intro post deciding to do so now. This is the case for me, for example.

I would also add that when Hive was launched, there were a number of people who felt it was time for everyone to do a new #introduceyourself post as this was technically a new community. I saw some posts by longtime users that had payouts of $40 and $50, but I don't recall anyone having an issue with that at the time, or accusing them of robbing the rewards pool. I don't see this situation being any different. That's my two cents. 😊

This will forever remain an issue as long as actions are able to happen without any layer of privacy .... our whales would fear the community if the community had a private layer to fight back ... the fact we can track votes and flags publicly means people are bullied into submission or silenced when speaking up ... rings of voting which often have nothing to do with author or content extend from the top down profiting the followers with the rest of us fighting over stupid crap like intro post rewards(which in the grand scheme of things are m00t)

Seems to me like it’s time for “curation” to evolve not to support the whales misbehaviours as no one can fight abuse without putting themselves in the place of being abused.

The lack of privacy in reward is imposing on my freedom of speech and freedom of expression as to participate in flagging abusive contributions exposes my account to retaliation.

But I guess that fear of a community driven curation system they can’t control will stop it from ever existing.

Posting using the #introduceyourself tag does not guarantee that your post will be upvoted and rewarded, unless there are dumb curators or misconfigured bots that blindly vote for such posts. But then the responsibility lies with the owners of those accounts, not the authors.

Well hoodmoruto you aswell , I vote all the Introduceyourself and introduce posts

M A N U A L L Y !!!!!

.. I vote all the Introduceyourself and introduce posts M A N U A L L Y !!!!!

My words were not aimed at you only.
I stand with my stance: it's all the curators who are deciding how the reward pool is distributed, not the authors.

@arcange First, I finally figured out that it is not only an automated response when HiveBuzz is mentioning, even though it is in parts. Yeah sometimes I'm a little slow with these things 😂 , so thanks for all the mentions before 😄 .

A good thing with the tour and I finally checked my HiveBuzz and discovered some nice features. Like the Proof of Spray which I will try and the Clean Planet. Unfortunately the CleanPlanet Community is not active @cleanplanet maybe you can partner with Amazing Nature to get more visibility for this topic. Just an idea sorry if I step on somebodies foot with this thought.🙏

@brittandjosie That is a good point indeed. I thought I made an Intro post but I posted it in HivePets with the first tag Introduction. Now I am in my 2nd month (joined Dec31st) and think it might be too late to fulfill the task again. It will just stay as unfulfilled but that's ok.

Now I'm off for more discoveries and maybe I can contribute to a clean planet when being on a walk today .

Happy Valentines Day y'all ❣️

Hi dear Goodmorning and thank you for the great comment. I love when people who just joined are into thinking ahead all in favour of the platform. You are new, so technically you should do an introduceyourself blog with a sign etc. I would upvote it and I will for sure even feature you in @heyhaveyamet. That way you as a newbie warn hive and can grow. There should be a period in which you can make your intro after having published blogs already. I have a problem with account who have been here longer than six months for example and do an intro blog to get the hivebuzz personal account page in the tour on ALL GEEEN. When people with accounts have been here longer that “forgot” the intro ( you see the intros when you check feeds but ik ) when they forgot they can place a intro blog but have to decline the rewards. The intro tag most always makes good hive so in order to keep the reward pool clean and honest.

Its just my two cents but I see it daily and I hate abuse in that part.

So if you want to do one you can always do one but do it now, and make a sign please let me know so I can vote.

Happy valentine

This is a really cool initiative, I've been around for a while now and have completed most of the list. The funny thing is that the part I missed is the 'Introduce Yourself' section. I guess if I had this guide back then I would not have missed doing these things. So I'll be working on these next.

This is great for any newbies coming to hive.

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Nice guide.

@hivebuzz The King loves this initiative! However it seems to me to have some issues? After, "The King" posted an introduction post and "the introduction" for the account is still unchecked. There are other "to do" functions on there that are unclear on how to achieve. Such as getting the "Veteran" badge? All in all checklists are excellent tools to get individuals new to the blockchain a jumpstart.

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@hivebuzz "The King" has challenges regarding the "Power Up" contest today. It seems that either the post from last year is out of date or "the King" has committed a user error. https://peakd.com/hivebuzz/@hivebuzz/pud-helper. The Kingdom delegated 10 HP to @mungu. Not sure if that is the same as relayed in your post? When you have a minute could you inform "the King" of mission accomplished or what future requirements are necessary. Mil gracias, vaya con dios! King_Neptune_6.jpg

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Saludos, gracias por esta iniciativa, en mi caso me es muy util ya que soy nueva y me siento desorientada, si alguien puede ayudarme a familiarizarme mas lo agradeceria.

Excellent idea, wish you always the best