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RE: Feedback from the last Hive Power Up Day

in #hivebuzzlast year

I can't say thank you enough to the @hivebuzz team and @jeanlucsr for making this badge a reality! And it's amazingly encouraging to see how many people are joining in on #HivePUD and how @streetstyle's initiative is inspiring others, like @victoriabsb's #HPUD for the Spanish Hive community! Now I should probably stop saying, "thank you" and get back to putting together the unofficial winners list... 😂

One last thing before I go, though...


that badge is soooo cute!! clearly a bee on steroids but a cute bee still lol

A bee on steroids 🤣🤣🤣

the arms!!! look at the arms it clearly has been taking them for a while too LMAO

Steroids or beeta blockers... I'll see myself out 👉 😉 🚪

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You are welcome
Hivers good personality and piece

You're welcome @traciyork.
We are also happy to see how people reacted and there might be some additional fun at the next edition.