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Check out the newly released version of HiveDapps, exclusively for our beloved blockchain, Hive.


I've also added a link under that redirects to ( STILL hasn't added LOL 🤦‍♂)

Over the next weeks/months, new features & improvements will be added, as well as a re-done proposal will be published.

And look at that, on State of the Dapps, is already higher ranked than Steemit.

I guess Justin bought the wrong frontend 🤣





Ooooohhhh... sorry Justin ;) you asked for it.

@esteemapp got a big hit on the migration, but I am sure they will recover soon. I am loving this community movement. Strong stuff!

Didn't realize how much we were active in comparison with some apps from EOS. Impressive.

hey @forykw ! will check out the hivedapps now @therealwolf been working hard :D

I like how Hive is really coming together, soon we will have everything and steem will be like a desert with the Sun beating down making everything die.

Awesome work :D Love how we can easily make adaptations to the front-end as well, wh00p! So useful to have a link to all Hive (d)Apps from the main front-end :D

Thank you for the fixed, rank header, I get so tired of forgetting what column is what, and wish that more sites would use a fixed header like you did.

love that spike too! 😉

Congrats, Wolf!

Looks lovely.

Clean design.

Neat tables.

With enough data required.

Excited for what's ahead! :D

I guess Justin bought the wrong frontend

Time to reveal the truth to Justin?

Wow, just wow man! You deserved so much. Thanks for your continuous efforts for this blockchain. still has not added links to wallets. Complete fail 😂

Nice work. Appreciate it.

Are you planning on developing some apps as well?

Yes 😉

Any sneek peaks?

Awesome love that you're still doing this.

FYI: @peakmonsters isn't presently a hive app ... we will follow @splinterlands if and when they come over.

p.s. are there any other sites like this other than stateofthedapps and yours?

Those are the ones I know besides stateofthedapps and hivedapps

No problem. I've disabled it.

what about vessel and
not sure if keychain or hiveconnect can be considered dapps...

Do you know what the minimum trading volume would be for display on ? Would be great to get up there.

It will be fun to see hive dapps surpass steem dapps.

Thanks for this. I will be advocating use of Peakd for the #informationwar community as it looks like there isn't any built in censorship or blacklisting mechanics.

How do current apps get added? they just re-submit?

this is awesome, seen more and more dapps been develop makes crypto easier and better for everyone

Very useful and informative post. Thank you.

Looks nice, going to check it out now.
Still amazed that so much stuff is happening so fast on Hive so far 😀