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DBuzz is the leading Web3 development firm that specializes in micro-blogging technology for With decentralized infrastructure, users can post their content without fear of censorship or interference, ensuring that their opinion and content remains open and available to all.


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Over the course of three years, DBuzz has experienced significant growth in its project and community, and our team has continuously added features and options for users, with updates occurring three to four times per month.

We are currently seeking additional funding to support ongoing development, including transitioning to an open-source project model that will benefit the entire Hive community. As part of our funding efforts, we are offering to open-source our v3.0 code base (and upcoming v4.0 code base) to enable community use and expansion.

How DBuzz Brings Value to Hive

DBuzz allows users to quickly share their ideas and start conversations within the Hive community, helping to spread awareness and encouraging more collaboration and engagement across the community. It enables users to quickly and easily connect with others, share ideas and start meaningful conversations.

DBuzz also serves as an ideal platform for community managers to have conversations, organize, and document important events as they occur. This feature proves particularly useful for short-form content.

In addition to enabling easy expression, DBuzz provides a censorship-resistant environment that protects freedom of speech. Open-sourcing our current codebase is the next step toward that objective.

Finally, DBuzz serves as a way to grow the size of the Hive community by acting as a conduit to attract new users to Hive.


( @tonyrebamonteph, @bitskwela and other reputable content creators onboarded to Hive through DBuzz )

Past developments

DBuzz was the first microblogging platform on Hive. For over three years, the DBuzz team has meticulously developed the platform from scratch, without using any forked Hive front-end as a boilerplate. This approach has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge about the intricate workings of the Hive blockchain.

By building from the ground up, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of developing other technologies on the Hive blockchain. Our approach ensures that our codebase is robust, transparent, and easily understood and modified by our development team.

Our codebase utilizes ReactJS, and our database uses the decentralized IPFS database solution provided by

We currently operate eight dedicated servers for DBuzz, including a witness server, development, staging, production, IPFS, research, and fallbacks. Our front-ends are hosted on's decentralized IPFS hosting. We plan to establish our own IPFS node to eliminate the need for a third-party IPFS provider in the future.

We utilize SSH key login with root passwords disabled to secure our servers.


Posting and Commenting

  • Publishing posts
  • Publishing comments under posts
  • Setting maximum accepted payout for posts (setting max to 0 burns author rewards without harming curators)
  • Emoji picker
  • GIF picker
  • Media upload for images
  • Video (and audio) embed player support for video (and audio) links
  • YouTube
  • Cast.Garden
  • 3Speak
  • Odysee
  • Bitchute
  • Banned.Video
  • DTube
  • SoundCloud
  • LBRY
  • Apple Music
  • FreeWorldNews
  • Rumble
  • Tweet embeds
  • Link embeds (web pages)


  • Voting slider from 1% to 100%
  • Vote slider % memory

Feeds Display

  • Following Feed
  • Trending Feed
  • Latest Feed

Notifications Panel

  • Notifications Filter (all, votes, mentions, follows, replies, reblogs, transfers)

Content Control

  • Hiding posts individually
  • Hiding posts by tag (#NSFW hashtags)
  • Hiding posts of another user by muting their account

Cross-platform Interaction

  • Buzz to Twitter
  • Buzz embeddable button
  • Share to 3rd party platforms
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • LinkedIn
  • Copy link of Buzz

Organizing Content

  • Pockets (creating, deleting, adding to, and removing from Pockets)

Interface Customization

  • Theme (white, dark blue, dark gray)

  • Settings (toggle video embeds, link previews, image display, and NSFW posts)
    Profile View

  • View profile (username, Reputation, Hive Power)

  • View posts and comments by user

  • View Following and Followed users

Profile Customization

  • Change profile picture
  • Change the cover photo
  • Change profile name, bio, location, and website


  • View HIVE, Hive Power, HBD, Hive Savings, and Estimated Account Value
  • Claim Hive Power and HBD rewards


  • Search by keyword
  • Search by username

Price Feed View

  • HIVE/HBD price display (from CoinGecko)

Back-end Processes

  • Automatic Resource Credit Delegation for new users that sign up via the DBuzz Sign-up Button (modified software created by @voltair and @roomservice)

  • Affiliate program for DBuzz users (via HiveOnboard)

  • (DDS) Decentralized Database System with Fleek IPFS storage

Frontend Version Control

  • Show the current version
  • Check for updates

Proof of Access

  • Proof of Access Storage was developed by Nathan Senn (@nathansenn) in partnership with SPK. Funded by SPK. For more information visit @nathansenn's upcoming blog post about its release (coming soon..)


Nathan Senn (@nathansenn) has proven himself to be more than just a developer; he is also a blockchain expert and is becoming a leading marketer for Hive. This is largely due to Chris Rice's (@chrisrice) aggressive online and offline guerrilla marketing approach for DBuzz.

(See here for more:



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The Hive community was previously known for having excellent technology for Web3-based social media DApps, but lacking marketing skills. This situation has already shifted, with notable developments such as @lordbutterfly's upcoming professional Hive Documentary, efforts by the @valueplan and DBuzz's use of aggressive guerrilla marketing tactics.


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Furthermore, DBuzz has formed affiliations with industry leaders and marketing experts in the Philippines such as @blocknetworkph and @bitskwela, and are growing connections in America and Thailand. (See here for more:


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DBuzz is moving towards doing major meetup events every single month, sponsoring local community development, and leading the way for onboarding people onto Web3 through Hive.


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Future of DBuzz

Version 4.0

Our aim is to further the Hive community by developing tools and software created specifically for Hive, and to make all of it publicly accessible to Hive developers on our Github page:

DBuzz worked closely with the SPK team to develop the v3.0 Metamask integration, and we are enthusiastic to continue our partnership as we begin work on DBuzz v4.0. Alongside SPK and Ceramic Network's pioneering technology, we will make it easy for our users to use Metamask login on DBuzz, and we will integrate other login methods such as BTC, Twitter, and email.

Our collaboration with the SPK team extends beyond Metamask integration. We will also code NPM packages that will integrate with SPK features, providing example code and documentation for other projects to integrate with their websites based on our integration. Other Hive Dapps can use this code in the future.

We express our gratitude to @theycallmedan, @starkerz, @vaultec, and the SPK team for their contributions.

DBuzz v4.0 will feature the latest technology, enhanced features, and the following functions:

New Technologies

  • Develop off-chain and sidechain technology for DBuzz and other Hive Dapps.
  • Help create a standard framework for Honeycomb that will benefit DBuzz and other Hive Dapps.
  • Help create a standard framework for SPK Network that DBuzz and the Hive community can use.
  • Create better moderation tools and procedures to deter spam content on the Hive blockchain and DBuzz platform.


  • The ability to Buzz (post) off-chain
  • Better Blacklist/Mutelist viewing and controls
  • Clean and well-documented code
  • Better content rendering
  • Better support for non-Chromium Web Browsers, such as Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser, and DuckDuckGo Browser
    -Modularizing the code into NPM packages

Improvements From v3.0

  • NFT Marketplace and DEX (built with Honeycomb and modified for Market.D.Buzz)
  • Partial Metamask integration
  • Blacklist/Mutelist viewing and control
  • Media upload for video
  • Daily and total user count


  • Buzz Post scheduling
  • Cross-post rendering

Login Integrations

  • Hivesigner
  • Metamask
  • Ceramic Network
  • Web2 & Web3 login options (such as Bitcoin, Twitter, or email)


  • Blog.D.Buzz: a full-fledged, long-form front-end
  • Wallet.D.Buzz to include HIVE & HBD transfers, delegations, witness voting, and proposals.
  • Market.D.Buzz NFT market and DEX
  • Stats.D.Buzz for DBuzz/Hive statistics

Video Embeds

  • Add YouTube short embeds
  • Add Twitter Spaces embeds

Audio Embeds

  • Add Aureal.One audio embeds

Native App Support

  • Android app
  • iOS app


  • Contact form for suggestions, feedback, and bug reporting

We will be using some of the following technologies in DBuzz v4.0:

  • Next JS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Webpack 5

DBuzz v4.0 code will use fewer 3rd party NPM packages in exchange for smaller code snippets - this will keep the bundle size light and secure, ensuring the front-end will load faster.

Other Software To Be Open-sourced:

  • - Messaging service that transfers HIVE or HBD to send encrypted messages via Hive memos.
  • Blog.D.Buzz - A long-form version of DBuzz
  • Market.D.Buzz NFT marketplace and DEX
  • Wallet.D.Buzz Hive Wallet
  • Vote.D.Buzz Voting Tool for Hive Proposals


  • International Outreach/Ambassadorship
  • Events
  • Further in-person marketing, guerilla/boots on the ground marketing campaigns across the world
  • Further Online marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization


Opening our project to the public will enhance the overall transparency and security of the codebase - ensuring higher standards. Furthermore, DBuzz's open-source code will provide resources for Hive DApps to create applications with the latest technologies and methods developed by DBuzz, thus improving access to information on Hive.

The improvements and new technologies in DBuzz v4.0 would bring several benefits to both Hive and DBuzz users. Here are some of them:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: DBuzz v4.0 will have improved features and functions, including better content rendering, scheduling of buzz posts, and cross-post rendering. Additionally, it will have better support for non-Chromium web browsers like Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser, and DuckDuckGo Browser. All these improvements would result in an enhanced user experience for Hive and DBuzz users.

  2. Improved Security: DBuzz v4.0 will have better moderation tools and procedures to deter spam content on the Hive blockchain and DBuzz platform. Also, DBuzz will be using fewer third-party NPM packages in exchange for smaller code snippets. This will keep the bundle size light and secure, ensuring the front-end will load faster.

  3. More Functionality: DBuzz v4.0 will have new features like off-chain buzz posting, blacklisting and mutelisting viewing and controls, and integration with login methods such as Metamask, Ceramic Network, and Web2 & Web3 options like Bitcoin, Twitter, or email. There will also be a wallet feature, allowing for HIVE & HBD transfers, delegations, witness voting, and proposals.

  4. Open-Source Software: DBuzz will open-source several software, including - a messaging service that transfers HIVE or HBD to send encrypted messages via Hive memos, Blog.D.Buzz - a long-form version of DBuzz, Market.D.Buzz - NFT marketplace and DEX, and Wallet.D.Buzz - a Hive Wallet. This open-sourcing would allow developers to use and improve the code, leading to a more robust and reliable ecosystem.

  5. Outreach and Growth: DBuzz v4.0 will have international outreach and ambassadorship, search engine optimization, and a plan to boost user growth. This would help promote the Hive ecosystem and attract more users to it.

Overall, the improvements and new technologies in DBuzz v4.0 would result in an improved user experience, better security, and more functionality for Hive and DBuzz users. Additionally, the open-sourcing of software and outreach efforts would help grow the Hive ecosystem and attract more users to it.



DBuzz has its roots in, which was founded on August 23, 2019. Soon after, we launched DBuzz, and both projects have been entirely self-funded. Our only source of income has been from posting content, curation, and witness rewards. We have never generated revenue from traditional advertising or by selling data.

We are requesting $145,000 HBD

We are requesting $145,000 HBD to take DBuzz to the next level, grow the Hive community, and open-source DBuzz, the other listed DApps, and future developments made by the DBuzz team.

These are screen captures of the DBuzz GitHub showing 37 repositories, 149 releases, and 498 commits to Mainnet that we will open source.



Upon receiving full funding from the proposal, we will make the code base publicly available on GitHub for the community. DBuzz v4.0 will feature complete integration of the customized Ceramic Network technology by @vaultec, the SPK Network by @theycallmedan, and @starkerz. It will also incorporate Ethereum's widely used Metamask service as a secondary login method, and eventually, other blockchain platforms in development.

Following the completion of full Metamask integration, our team will seamlessly integrate additional blockchains and platforms. The inclusion of Bitcoin, Twitter, and email logins will simplify the onboarding process and promote the Hive community to the public.

Furthermore, we will open-source the Ceramic Network integration code, including Metamask, Bitcoin, Twitter, and email login options, as an NPM package for the community to use.

Summary Plan for Hive Proposal Funds

  • Expand the software development team for a comprehensive Metamask integration and build DBuzz v4.0 along with the other features mentioned above.

  • Develop off-chain and sidechain technology for DBuzz and other Hive DApps.

  • Help refactor and create a standard framework for Honeycomb (Currently partially funded by Honeycomb)

  • Create better moderation tools and procedures to deter spam content on the Hive blockchain and DBuzz platform.

  • Enhance collaboration with our marketing partner who specializes in growing Web3 cryptocurrency projects.

  • Infrastructure and hardware to ensure that the DBuzz team can efficiently and sustainably build software for Hive, Web3, and the open-source community.

Breakdown Of Funding

$ 94,000.00 Team Salaries for 6 months 15.6k per month

Current team
1 Dev
2 Management
2 Community manager and curation
2 QA and engagement
1 Content Creator
1 DBuzz Ambassador

Team expansion
5 New Devs

$ 24,000.00: Office Space, equipment and various other in-house upgrades to handle the growth.

$ 15,000.00: Expand back-end servers (both physical and virtual servers in multiple locations) to increase security, redundancy, and the fast delivery of content

$ 12,000.00: Marketing

This totals $145,000 HBD

Any unused funds will be returned to DHF.


Partial Funding

We guarantee the open-sourcing of all D.Buzz code repositories with full funding. The DBuzz team commits to dedicating 6 months of unconditional effort towards expanding and building the features outlined in this proposal.

If we receive partial funding, we will assess the amount raised and evaluate the best path for the growth of DBuzz and the Hive community. However, without full funding, it will be difficult to commit to open-sourcing all of our work, as we will need to be more strategic with our resources. We hope you will back us. Supporting DBuzz will empower our team to work for everyone’s success, and to fulfill the philosophy of the Web3 ideals that the Hive community and DBuzz advocates for.

DBuzz intends to remain an active contributor to Web3 social media, providing short-form content as a crucial gateway for users interested in blogging and communicating online.

Once the DBuzz code is open-sourced, it can be utilized in various projects or integrated into existing ones. With complete funding, DBuzz plans to expand its team and quickly develop new features for DBuzz and other Web3 technologies to benefit the Hive Ecosystem.

Ensuring that real people see real value from Web3, blockchain technology, and Hive, is the foundation for success of the HIVE token and platform. DBuzz is committed to furthering that value, and to growing the size of the community.

We Thank You for your support!

The DBuzz Team.

HiveBlog Wallet:


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Sort: team, we love you guys.
You understand how important REAL Web3 is, you have our full support.

💯 thank you @agorise, let's keep building #Web3 💥

We walk the walk and not just talk the TALK.
REAL Web3. #fuKYC #minio #fediverse #nextjs #p2p #lokinet

I just heard about DBuzz but now I am going to try it and explore it, I personally really appreciate the efforts and commitment of the team behind Dbuzz

Thank you @zaibkang we also have a much stronger version on that is scheduled for release on soon.

BTW, may I kindly request that you vote for our Hive Proposal?

We have be building on Hive over 3 years.

Let's do it! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share our support and solid dedication to @dbuzz, just being a part of this community is already an honor for us, how much more if we can do our share to achieve the dreams of a truly decentralized world through Hive.

I have given my support by upvoting the proposal.
All the best.

Thank you @imfarhad I truly appreciate your support.

Supported 💪

Thank you @kencode!

I absolutely want to see this proposal get funded!

With a super dedicated team, you know you are in good hands. You will always have my support only a little compared to the rest, hopefully can share more and more. I so love sharing my day to day experiences here in #dbuzz.
Dbuzz to the moon! You rock guys!

Thank you @aideleijoie

You can vote for our Proposal using this link :

Every little bit helps!

Voted and supported @chrisrice :)

Thank you!

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I used dbuzz sometimes. solid!

Awesome @budmeister33

May I kindly ask for your vote on our Hive Proposal?

It will open source DBuzz.

Hey team, great work!

More suggestions from my own list, but I am sure many will deeply appreciate it too:

  • Expose the ability to choose your own HIVE RPC node (and other nodes for side-chains or other chains when implemented) from the ones available (this improves decentralization)
  • Ability to Ctrl+V images from copy/paste buffer

Yes, 100%.. I will add the 1st one to our list.. the second one has been in our Game Plan but was not yet completed.

Hey team, great work!

More suggestions from my own list, but I am sure many will deeply appreciate it too:

  • Expose the ability to choose your own HIVE RPC node (and other nodes for side-chains or other chains when implemented) from the ones available (this improves decentralization) - with the ability to add custom nodes (like private servers).
  • Ability to Ctrl+V images from copy/paste buffer

Excellent news from the people of Dbuzz, this team is very committed to improve every day for the benefit of each of the users, excellent work.

Thank you for the recognition, kudos to the D.Buzz Team, and the good thing about the open-source proposal is the fact that D.Buzz really walks the talk in terms of decentralization because we can never decentralize without doing open-sourcing.

Yes, very true

Thank you for supporting. It's good to see that more people are united to help the micro-blogging platform D.Buzz got it's proposal funded.

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Those Event Photos sure is fire, hope to join someday in one of your events.

You got my vote @dbuzz

Upwards and onwards



Supported I actually check dbuzz I'm surprised I never use it before. Good luck

Thank you, THANK YOU!

Done upvoting the proposal. Dbuzz ❤️ Best of luck.

Thank you @zehn34, let's #OpenSource : DBuzz :D

Your welcome 🤗

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Apoyando su arduo trabajo. mi poder de voto es poco pero enpujando de a poquito. saludos.

Have a great day and thank you @cageon360! :D


Go ahead team!!!


D.Buzz strong commitment towards web3 and newbies training online and offline shows a strong compassion and dedication to this project .GO GO GO D.Buzz we are getting bigger and bigger , better everyday :)

Thank you @antonette you're doing great in the Bisaya Podcast and your online and offline training for newbies really helped a lot of people. You will be rewarded someday, just keep the faith. It will really come.

I had a hard time voting via phone. Finally did it on the laptop! Go, Dbuzz!

You're such an inspiration for all the newbies out there. Thank you for supporting the D.Buzz proposal.

done voting for your proposal. goodluck!

You've got my vote.

So nice to see some whales have voted! You're getting funded & we're getting open source D.Buzz!!! Hope you'd be able to hit at least 100K MAU in 2024!

100% @d-zero.

Let's do this.. then you and others can host breakaway communities, that cross-post to DBuzz.

Ownership in the hands of many!

Let's fucking go guys!!! Legends.

Thank you @finguru, let's go, as a Team!


Love! Easily my favorite microblogging platform here and across the internet!

Microblogging on Hive is taking over in 2023! 🔥🔥🔥


Thank you @bigtakosensei the upcoming version on may be moved to this week.

Voted! ✅

Thank you!

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We released the new update!

Sent 0.1 PGM - 0.1 LVL- 1 STARBITS - 0.05 DEC - 1 SBT - 0.1 THG - 0.000001 SQM - 0.1 BUDS - 0.01 WOO tokens

remaining commands 0


The tokens that the command sends are: 0.1 PGM-0.1 LVL-0.1 THGAMING-0.05 DEC-15 SBT-1 STARBITS-[0.00000001 BTC (SWAP.BTC) only if you have 2500 PGM in stake or more ]

5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

Discord image.png

Support the curation account @ pgm-curator with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

Get potential votes from @ pgm-curator by paying in PGM, here is a guide

I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

Hi @zottone444,

May I kindly request for your vote and support on our Hive Proposal?

Any and all support would be greatly appreciated.

Ofcourse you have my vote🔥✨


You must be killin' it out here!
@seki1 just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @dbuzz.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

Wow, you guys have come real far...Kudos to you guys.. Let's keep going..We move


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@vimukthi(1/5) tipped @dbuzz
bigtakosensei tipped dbuzz

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Check out our last posts:

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Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

Hi @hivebuzz,

May I kindly request for your support on our Hive Proposal?

We will do our very best to not just build D.Buzz but assist with other #HiveDApps and services too.

tag : @arcange thank you.

Supported! 😍
I wish I could be more supportive.

Thank you, Mehmet.

We also released a new version of 😃

I voted. I love Dbuzz 😍

Thank you for the support and keep on posting, you're doing great at D.Buzz and on Hive as a whole.

Upvoted the proposal!😃

This is another historical event in the history of D.Buzz and Hive @darthnava maybe someday you could add it on your timeline. I really loved the history things you shared through D.Buzz.

Ready my support for the proposal, greetings

Thanks a lot for the support, keep on sharing the proposals and the good things about the D.Buzz.


Thank you @papilloncharity once we open source, feel free to Host your own #Breakaway micro-blogging site.

It's the decentralized way!

Is there an Android app? I did look on Google Play. Could have done with it for posting pictures from the garden today. We actually have sun in the UK! \o/

No but making a shortcut from your phone browser normally makes a webapp it works really well for me

Great day to you @dickturpin . . we use something known as a #ProgressiveWeb app, where you can download a shortcut to our site to your Home Screen.

That way Google Play and the Apple Playstore will not be able to delete D.Buzz

Yep, did that yesterday. Cheers.

Thank you!

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Done, voted!

Thank you @marjuanm I'm looking forward to #OpenSourcing : DBuzz :D


Thank you @gmy! :D

What are the plans to monetize the platform and replace the huge amount of hive funds this project will be sucking up?