HiveWP Development Update: Now Include or Exclude via Tags

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Download version 1.0.5 here

Now with Tag Filters

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 17.44.03.png

One feature that I have wanted myself from the very beginning has been to be able to include or exclude based on the tags attached to the post.

  • Consider a scenario where an author posts about lots of different topics but only some of the topics are relevant to their WordPress site, for example, they don't want to include their more personal diary-type content or their meta-musings about the Hive community.

  • Another example might be the Hive member owns multiple WordPress websites and wants to direct their syndication to each different site based on an included tag.

Now you can do that, and probably many more scenarios than I can think of right now, using a combination of Author, Community, Including Tags and Excluding by tag.

Hive API Woes

If I wanted the feature from the start, why has it taken so long?

The reason is I couldn't find a Hive API endpoint that gave me all the flexibility required.

Yes, I could get the most recent articles for a user, but I couldn't ask for the most recent [30] with [this_tag] and excluding [this_tag].

I could get the most recent 30 and then go through them one by one, but that wouldn't be the most recent 30 matching the criteria. It became even more complicated when I wanted it to look to a community instead.

As my code is open source I hope someone can tell me if there is a better way, for now unfortunately the WordPress plugin looks to my own server to a special script which then checks HiveSQL on your behalf.

Obviously, until then, this means if my server goes down or HiveSQL has a problem (or starts charging) then the whole thing breaks. Let's hope I can keep it running!

Pro-Tip: Set as Draft

Just like before, I would suggest you post to your WordPress site as draft rather than published, first of all that gives you a chance to correct anything, but also it gives the Hive community first look at any content you create which means they are reading something unique and not available anywhere else when they vote on your post.



So this does the opposite of what Exxp plugin does in the sense that Exxp publishes from WP to Hive.

I can see how this has additional flexibility. I will be trying it out.

I missed the vote, but I'm back for a while again ;)

I can not wait to try this thank you very much 😁

Should be good to go now - sorry about that!

Sorry the above link returns a 404 error

Ah, I think the repo might be private, let me fix that!

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