HiveWP WordPress Plugin - Now Allows Author and Community Feeds

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Another feature added out of necessity, but I figure other people will like.

Now the HiveWP plugin will syncronize with community feeds as well as authors.

While having my own authored posts on a WordPress front-end site is cool, I really need it if I am going to build my Authority Bloggers community on Hive.

I thought I could use the same API call for both options, just with different paramaters, but it seems the Hive API documentation is a little buggy and not all the parameters listed are actually supported.

Therefore you have to set in the settings if you want to look up the user as an author or as a community (they have names like hive-99999).

Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 6.14.06 PM.png

Next thing I want to work on is including/excluding by tags - for example you might want all the #stem posts apart from #science - watch out for that in an update soon.


NICE! When you add the tag feature...
Perhaps you can code it, so there is a way to do that, per page.
So one page can be posted about a location, another page could be photos... This way, users can categorize what they want to show on their WP page, or use a wild card for displaying search results as per a tag on their personal hive page or in a community.

The plugin imports the posts on a schedule so once they are read in they are saved as WP blog posts the same as if they were created in WordPress :)

YES! I was looking for something like that for a long time. Please let me know when its ready for prime time! 👍

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